2021 is about to come to a close, which means it’s time to start the new year right and write up our list of resolutions for 2022. On that list, why not include some new trends in eating predicted for the year? Here are some of the predictions according to various sources and where you can go in Savannah to be “on trend”.

No. 10

Globally Inspired Spice

Especially spicy and sweet heat inspired by global cuisines like Korean gochujang, Mexican tajin, Japanese furikake, or Indonesian sambal. All these hot sauces will be trending even more in 2022. Make a plan to visit a local eatery with global fare and ask for it “spicy”.


No. 9

Buzz-less Spirits

So there is a new sober-curious mindset taking hold in 2022. A more health-conscious way to enjoy a social scene without suffering the dreaded next day hangover. Expect to see more non-alcohol cocktails — with flavors like lavender and Earl Grey — and zero-proof spirits like gin, rum, and tequila in refrigerators, restaurants and bar carts everywhere. Lucky for Savannah Hale Tea Co. has the most flavorful tea. Hop over to their website and grab some Savannah Grey to get started on this Earl Grey Mocktail with Grapefruit and Savannah Bee Honey.


Photo by KellyNeil.com

No. 8

The Resurgence of the Dinner Party

Now more than ever, people are looking to get out and celebrate, especially after being cooped up at home for far too long. It’s expected that 2022 is going to be a year of celebration, as parties pick back up, guests feel more comfortable and safe leaving home.  From seaside dinners to garden parties, embracing our beautiful Savannah backdrop is highly recommended. Getting to enjoy the outdoors, while celebrating something special simply can’t be rivaled. There are many Savannah establishments that can make hosting a breeze. Pick a date and let them do the rest: @912.luxurypicnic, @elevatewithbrandy, @savannaheventcatering_


No. 7

Egg Bread

2022 will see customers returning to their local bakeries. Gone are the days of the Sourdough starter and customers will likely favor loaves of egg bread, such as Brioche and Challah. Both breads are aces on their own, but they also make great French toast. Check out Auspicious Baking Co. and Le Cafe Gourmet to try the trend.


No. 6

Fermented Drinks

Hey, it’s just a gut feeling that more diverse probiotic strains shown to help boost the immune system and aid digestion, are gaining momentum. Look to Brighter Day Natural Foods or Yaupon Tea House + Apothecary for your fermented fix.


No. 5

Blonde Pizza

Blonde pizza—also known as white pizza—will peak in 2022. The tomato-less pizza offers a fresh alternative to traditional pizza choices, and really lets the cheese (or cheeses) shine. If you want to get your hands on some Blonde then check out Big Bon Pizza which has a white pizza on rotation, as well as Squirrel’s offers the Benny Blanco and I’m willing to bet if enough people DM @pizzaclub_sav there will be a Blonde Detroit style pizza in our future.


Photo by Big Bon Pizza


No. 4

Potato Milk

Allergen-free, cheap to produce, and easier on the environment than other non-dairy alternatives, potato milk is sure to make an impact in 2022. Will this work in my Almond Cow? If anyone is currently producing Potato Milk…Savannah needs to know?


No. 3


Aperol Spritz is soooo 2021. Say hello to another classic Italian cocktail—the Negroni. This drink, which has been around for more than 100 years, is made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Only 3 ingredients sounds like an easy apertivo to order in your favorite drinking establishment in 2022.

No. 2

Calic bread

If you love garlic, cheese, and sourdough bread, then Calic bread should be on your radar. This viral Korean culinary trend consists of sourdough loaves filled with cream cheese and loaded with  garlic and parsley. The bread is then dunked in garlic butter, giving it a sweet and crispy outside and a soft and creamy interior. Savannah needs this…anybody?


No. 1

Espresso Martini

This “retro” cocktail (popular in the ’80s and ’90s) is making a comeback on cocktail menus and after-dinner parties. It’s a little sweet, a little boozy, and offers a jolt of caffeine that coffee-lovers can appreciate. My advice, try them all…then let Scout know who makes the best Espresso Martini in Savannah.