Holiday Season 2020 will certainly be different, but there are plenty of ways to spread holiday cheer while keeping your family safe and supporting local businesses.

Mail Cookies to A Loved One

No matter how close or far your loved ones are this year, you can spread some holiday cheer by mailing holiday cookies to them. After all, everyone loves receiving surprise packages—especially when they’re filled with homemade treats. If you plan on making them yourself, then check out this Savannah Chocolate Chewie recipe. If you are short on time but still want to spread the joy there are plenty of local companies that would be pleased to help you out.  Flour Child offers small batch cookies packaged individually with mouth-watering choices. Big Boy Cookies who is a rockstar in the cookie world, you may have tried their wares at Starland Yard also offers local pick up and delivery plus shipping. Little Diddle’s Sweetery is making some sweet 5″ Santa sugar cookies that will brighten anyone’s day. How about cookies for a cause, make a minimum donation of $30 to FairFight Action between now & Dec.15th then send a screenshot to @sophiafayleopold or @rubistudios and collect your holiday cookie tray on Dec. 18th from Starlandia.

Play Secret Santa Through The Mail

Just because everyone can’t get together doesn’t mean you can’t play Secret Santa. Have everyone draw names as usual and mail gifts to your recipient. You can also consider making it a theme such as black-owned business, women-owned business or small business.  To make the act of mailing easy, you can limit to gift cards which is a great way to give a little seasonal love to local restaurants (if local) or local businesses with online stores.

Plan a Special Holiday Breakfast

Why not plan a lavish holiday breakfast for the entire family? And since you probably have to make dinner too and don’t want to be in the kitchen all day, order from some of these talented local businesses. There are plenty of Savannahians who believe in making breakfast an art. Sarandiptiy Fare has a brunch box that would be perfect and special that includes bagels, cream cheese, fruit, sweets and more. Also, Chatham Charcuterie is offering a Christmas Brunch Board with an assortment of pastries, fruit, mini bagels plus.  Also, Savannah Scone Company has holiday flavors such as peppermint patti, cranberry white chocolate and more. Easy, delicious and wonderful holiday memories for the whole family!

Mix a Cozy Cocktail

A couple of locals are taking their skills to the bottle this year. Drink Fete has a beautiful cocktail infusion that comes complete with herbs + spices and all you have to do is pour your favorite liquor over. The fun flavors are Figgy Old Fashioned and Raspberry Cosmopolitan and are available for purchase at Superbloom and Salacia Salts. The Alley Cat Lounge has provided the perfect stocking stuffer with their at home experience drinks in a bottle. They have 1806 Old Fashioned’s and bottled Milk Punches.