Since wine production started, society has looked for a place to gather and drink the delicious fermented grapes. 208 Wine Bar is a quaint, approachable answer to that set of traditions. The bar located just off of Bay Street doesn’t cater to snobs. While they may have the bottles to do it, the vibe is more laid back, come-as-you-are, where you can expect a friendly face to expertly guide you through your experience whether it be as a newbie or a wine adventurer. Let’s raise a glass to 6 things you need to know about 208.

1. This is not a chain or corporate owned wine bar, instead it is a passion project of the two owners Christina and James. The dedication and gratitude are felt while visiting the establishment and it is a fantastic opportunity to support local and help dreams grow.

2. They offer a modest selection of snacks. The cheese tray from The Dive Savannah donates a tray to the homeless for every purchase. Drinking wine, eating cheese and giving back to the Savannah community…does it get any better?

3.The bar has a few windows with a view overlooking the Savannah river. If you have a group outing or a special occasion, you can call ahead to see if those tables can be reserved.

4.Wine can be purchased by the glass, flight or bottle.

5.They offer a Somm Challenge where you are given a flight of wines and are asked to put them in order of price per glass from lowest to highest. If you complete this successfully, a prize is waiting. I saw 2 people take the challenge which was not only fun for them but fun for me to watch and a great perspective on the fact that expensive bottles are not always the best.

6.They support community and often have live music, artist receptions and offer classes. Follow them at IG @208winebar or their website where they post about upcoming events.