Do you know what time it is?  It doesn’t matter cause Leon’s Cafe at 314 Drayton Street has something made to order for the morning (opens 9am), lunch, cocktail and late night crowds.  It’s a small café with an understated dining area where the emphasis is on fresh.  You’ll find sandwiches with a healthy side of fruit or hand-cut baked home fries seasoned with rosemary, home made soups and salads as well as pastries and other healthy options. But that’s not all, Scout has the top 7 things you need to know about Leon’s Cafe.

1. Leon’s bread and pastries are all made in house by their chef who bakes daily to guarantee freshness. The chef let us know the multi-grain bread is not to be missed. If you come for cocktails no worries…you can buy a loaf to take home.

2. If you don’t have time to sit down for lunch then grab a healthy, fresh to-go order. Easy Parking can be found on Harris Street or around Lafayette Square.
3. Leon wants to make sure the industry crowd has something fresh and healthy to eat at the end of the night, late night tapas will begin soon with hours of 8pm to 2am.  Think the perfect place to unwind with cheese stuffed dates, Spanish wine and soft background music.

4. Leon’s offers cocktails, beer and wine as well. The turkey proscuitto sandwich goes really well with white sangria.
5. The chef Mirian Antunez prepares the pineapple jam in house from a Honduran family recipe. You can get it on the Proscuitto Panini or in a Pineapple Jam and Goat Cheese Turnover.

6. They normally have 1 gluten free bakery item, when Scout was there it was a blueberry muffin.
7. The menu has a healthy options section complete with Vegan Quinoa Bowl (optional: chicken), smoothies, and fresh fruit. Scout has the Quinoa Bowl with chicken and would recommend.

Quinoa Bowl with Chicken