Reading is one of those activities that never gets old — no matter where you are, who you’re with or what’s going on in your life — it’s a constant comfort and way to escape reality for a few hours. For some, reading is a quiet hobby filled with solitude, but for others it’s a way to meet people with similar interests. And if you’re in that second camp you’re probably looking for a book club to join. Savannah happens to have one that was given a shout-out in Shape Magazine: Read, Run & Rant. It’s so much more than just a book club. It’s a place to discuss books, get some fresh air, exercise and meet up with like-minded community members. If this sounds like the perfect way to start the new year then you are in luck. The next meeting is tomorrow, January 23rd and starts at 7:30am-9:30am at Foxy Loxy the current book being discussed is Discussion of the Neighbors Secret by L. Allison Heller. Read below to find out more about Read, Run & Rant founder Cecilia Arango and what to expect from the cool concept you are not going to want to miss out on.

Who is the face behind Read, Run & Rant?

Read, Run & Rant was created in 2015 by avid runner and bookworm, Cecilia Arango. I’m a member of the local running club, Savannah Striders and the 50 States Marathon Club. My goal is to run a marathon in each state. I’m currently on State #21 with two states on the map to run this year – Wyoming and Maine. Covid threw a wrench in my goal of running 50 marathons by the time I turn 50, but I’m not letting that keep me down!  I’m also a voracious reader and bibliophile. I find a spot to tuck away and read any chance I get. This love of running and reading really sparked the idea of Read, Run & Rant. Years ago, I read an article in Runner’s World where a New York-based group of runners formed a running book club where they would discuss books on their run. I loved the concept so much that I started my own group here in Savannah. Besides being a runner and reader, I work as the Marketing Director for Thomas & Hutton and perform with the Bay Street Theatre and Collective Face Theatre Ensemble.

Please explain the concept of RRR? 

Our name says it all. We read books, then we run (or walk) and rant about them.  Prior to Covid, we met bi-monthly, but it has now evolved into a monthly meet-up. Recommendations are made and a book is chosen for the month. Members read the book of the month and on a bright and early Sunday morning, we meet at local coffee shop, Foxy Loxy, for a 30-minute run and/or walk to Forsyth Park and back while discussing elements of the book. Once we get back to Foxy Loxy, we finish the conversation over coffee and kolaches in the beautiful courtyard out back. There are also members of Read, Run & Rant who skip the run/walk portion and just meet for the coffee and conversation portion. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning!

How often do you meet and always at the same location? 

We meet one Sunday morning a month (usually the third or fourth Sunday of the month, but it varies depending on schedules) at 7:30 AM for the runner/walker(s) and for those early-risers who don’t necessarily want to join the run/walk, but want to meet for coffee and discussion at 8:00 AM at  Foxy Loxy.

Please tell people what “vibe” to expect with RRR?

Most of us are in athleisure running gear without a lick of make-up on – and it’s still early!  I’d say the vibe is very low-key and welcoming. We’re still trying to drink our cup of coffee to start our day. If you’re excited about reading and looking for a group to share your thoughts, you’re always welcome to the table! My favorite part of the conversation is when we end up sharing our own personal stories on how we relate to the characters or the scenarios.

Please let us know the best way for locals to support this awesome concept? 

The best way to support is to come join us and/or spread the word to your friends who are active and like to read. It’s free and open to the public. The more the merrier.

How can people find you and join? 

Follow us on Facebook at or Instagram at @read_run_rant. You can also reach me at