Smart, beautiful coffee table statements with a Savannah connection. That’s what you are about to get with “Should’a Been Here Yesterday” a collaboration between Mike Dale and James Lock.  Both are surfers involved in the Georgia surf community. James writes, “Should’a Been Here Yesterday isn’t a book about the quality of surf; you won’t find world-class waves here. It’s not a history book of surfing in Georgia either (although people have been surfing these islands since the 60’s). The goal of this project is to document the feeling of surf on the Georgia coast – the feeling of swallows gliding through coastal dunes on a hazy morning, thick rain from a warm afternoon storm, or a beer on the beach in the red fire dusk after a day spent in the water – there’s still adventure and mystery in the deep oak hollers, draped in Spanish moss and ferns. It’s a feeling of freedom and interconnectedness with the natural world – like an old dream or a vision of surf in California before the population and pollution bloomed. The secret to surfing the Georgia coast is like zen – don’t think. Just dance along to the rhythm.”

The official release date of “Should’a Been Here Yesterday,” is April 2nd and you can grab a copy at Frankie & June (15 W. Broughton St.) from 4pm-7pm. Also, please follow @shoulda_been_here_yesterday, @jamesscottlock and @goodfortunepress to support local talent. Let’s pack the surf shop this Saturday and celebrate a beautiful book with James and Mike.

Please explain the concept behind SBHY?

Should’a Been Here Yesterday is a book that celebrates the surf culture of coastal Georgia through my photography and Mike’s handmade prints. We wanted to document the feeling of surf on the Georgia coast as well as the surf culture that thrives on the barrier islands.

Is this book best used as a coffee table book, educational read or something completely different?

The book is best used as a coffee table art book but is also meant to be shared with others. We want people to see the artwork in the book and get excited about the Georgia coast and the idea of surfing here.

What has been your favorite part of working on SBHY?

James Lock: My favorite part of this project was exploring islands, taking ferries, and driving through small coastal towns to take photos and really get a feeling for the culture here.

Mike Hale:  My favorite part of this project was a specific trip we both took to St. Simon’s to take photos with his boys in tow. Spending time together on the project was certainly a highlight for both of us.

What surprised you the most while working on this project?

James Lock: I was surprised by how welcoming and open people were to the project. I met so many people who were willing to show me where they surfed and what made that location special to them.

Mike  Hale: I was surprised by how much I fell in love with surfing and how transformative it has been in healing from his divorce. He essentially worked on this book during the hardest time in his life and used it as a way to focus on something positive.

Please let us know how the community can support this project?

People can help by telling others about the project, buying the book, giving it as a gift, or even by placing it in their vacation rentals for visitors to see. Our book’s official release date is April 2nd at Frankie & June (15 W Broughton St) from 4-7pm. We’d love to pack out our local surf shop with people excited about this project!