Where can you find 2 Daves, a Viking theme, a Sahti which is not found elsewhere and a brat all in the same place? The answer is Debellation Brewing at 822 Longwood Drive in Richmond Hill, founded by Dave Goodell and his wife Teresa in January 2019. Debellation Brewing is the only brewery on the east coast of Georgia that is located right off  I-95 in clear view of the passers by making it an easy stop and grab a pint!

The overall aesthetic of Debellation is paying homage to Dave’s lineage which goes back through England, Ireland and to Norway so a Viking themed brewery was a given. The brewery is filled with lots of wood, rock and natural decor, reminiscent of the old days in Norway. The windows and doors are cased in custom carved wood features and a giant Viking mural is on the back wall, visible for all to see the moment they walk in from the front or side entrance. There is a large outdoor patio surrounded by a reclaimed wood and whiskey barrel fence that will soon be complete with a wood roof, fans and TVs. The best part is opposing 16-foot garage doors that open, allowing the outside in from both sides of the taproom. Thirsty Thursday Trivia and weekends offer live music each week, plus video games, foosball, ping pong, corn hole and darts.

The name Debellation means “the wearing down of the enemy in battle to the point in which they cannot fight back any longer.” It’s the utter and complete destruction of an opposing army.  Dave Goodell chose this term for a few good reasons. First, no one in the world is using this term anywhere so marketing is wide open. Second, having been retired military, Dave wanted a military association without being obvious. There is already a great veteran-owned brewery in Savannah (Service Brewing) that Dave didn’t want to copy or compete with in that respect and third Vikings are hot right now.

That’s one Dave but where’s the other?  The head brewer is Dave Greene, a transplant from Akron, Ohio. Both he and the owner Dave do all of the brewing, they currently offer anywhere from 8-10 beers at any given time with constant rotations of various styles. They should have upwards of 20-24 by mid-summer. When I asked what is the Debellation beer that you should not miss, the answer is a Sahti, brewed originally by the Vikings. Sahti is a Nordic farmhouse ale that is still crafted in accordance with ancient traditions dating back to the Viking Age and they insist you try this one as Sahtis are not found elsewhere very often. They offer that along with many others guests can try as a pint, 9oz Belgian glass or a beer flight.

Stop by, grab a Sahti, an all-beef dog or brat, some nachos, a giant pickle and play some cornhole and pretend you’re a viking…can you really think of a better way to spend the day?