Quiet Confidence, LLC
3025 Bull Street


LuAnn Boulio Lucier was on a mission to serve her community as a professional counselor when she started Quiet Confidence, LLC.  Shaken by the significant postpartum problems she faced after her children and the lack of medical professionals willing to address the problem. She struggled for seven years until she received counseling and realized how important and how needed and helpful counseling is. This led to her career as a professional counselor which began in 2006 where she interned in counseling services at SCAD, worked in community mental health counseling, substance abuse facilities as well as private psychiatry.

And so, in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic and maybe when people need help the most, she founded Quiet Confidence, a small business designed to tackle mental health and overall wellness by easing access and offering a range of services to answer client’s needs. Driven by personal experience — and further motivated by the pandemic, which has caused an increase in anxiety and depression among the general population, entrepreneurs like Mrs. Boulio-Lucier are focusing on addressing aspects of  mental health and getting people what they need. LuAnn stated, “One of the huge benefits of working with diverse population and places, is my ability to develop relationships and knowing I can help people get what they need, when they need it-nothing like it!”

Quiet Confidence, LLC is located in the senior citizens’ building on Bull Street and offers in-person services where a safe haven is provided. The protocols of social distancing and wearing masks and staying safely seated 6 feet apart is all part of the practice. An initial consultation will be about building a rapport, getting questions answered and expectations discussed.

It was personal experience that propelled LuAnn to explore a platform for therapy. However, her successes speak for themselves in stories such as this one, “An individual whom I was seeing had to move out of state.  A few months after our therapy ended, I received a call from the client, who had to share the impact our relationship had.  There had been significant life changes made as a result of our process.  I am so honored to have played even a small role in their growth.  But gosh, when people share their transformation working a program of recovery from addiction or they are able to maintain boundaries with family, I am reminded to trust the process.”

LuAnn has worked with soldiers returning from combat, people just beginning to consider their addiction issues, postpartum moms, federal probation clients, people just needing advice and people grieving.  Please don’t suffer in silence instead let LuAnn listen and be there with you, where you are.  There will come a time, when the discomfort of remaining in your pain will outweigh your fear to talk about it and Quiet Confidence, LLC is a safe place to begin to heal.