The difference between a good date and a would-you-really-call-that-a-date usually comes down to planning. There is a whole wide spectrum of “meh” nights out, where nothing memorable happens and both parties suddenly find themselves looking at their phone or totaling up in their head how much the babysitter is going to cost.

The culprit, more often than not, is the comfort zone. It’s easy there…you know what to expect, what to order and that the Red Box is enroute.  Let’s try something different. Scout has something up our sleeves that will not only require reservations but also tickets AND some homework. But Scout makes it easy for you…read on, we are about to get Sophisticated.

Step 1-Get Sophisticated and purchase your tickets

Sophisticated is the new album by Lyn Avenue. Lyn Avenue is a husband and wife Country/Americana duo bringing you catchy, compelling stories with genuine southern charm. Over the last few years, Lyn Avenue has honed a sound that’s both timeless classic-inspired songwriting yet refreshingly modern in its genre-blending and originality. Driven by rich vocals, electrifying leads and boot stomping rhythms, Lyn Avenue is a burning ember of authentic country music. The best news is the duo will be performing at Roasting Room Lounge in Bluffton. SC on April 15th with two shows. The early show starts at 6:00pm and the late show at 8:00pm. Tickets start at $15 and can be purchased here.


Step 2-Anticipation Download

You will want to go to your favorite streaming platform and get your hands on all Lyn Avenue songs. Then whenever you are together in the car, making dinner, cleaning house, etc. play the albums to familiarize yourself with all the songs so you can sing along on your night out. Check out a few of the songs here and purchase here.


Step 3-Getting Burnt

Allow yourselves a little extra time on the night of the date to check out Bluffton’s new distillery...Burnt Church. The huge space combines warmth with rustic elements to create a comfortable welcoming atmosphere to try some serious cocktails. The distillery currently offers 3 oz. of whiskey flights or cocktails at their aesthetically pleasing bar or outdoor patio. The spirits offered are bourbon, whiskey, vodka, moonshine and gin. Currently they are limited to 3 oz. per person but are working to get licensing to pour more. They also offer non-alcoholic cocktails for the driver…an Amethyst Mule or a Blueberry Russian Martini.  The secret to the non-alcoholic spirit is Serrano peppers, make sure to ask your bartender for the story. After you have kicked back and relaxed within this beautiful establishment…you can also visit the gift shop and they will start distillery tours in April (call ahead for times) then it’s time to grab some grub.

Step 4-Getting Fortified

Next a little pizza is in order and in the name of time management it happens to be right next door to Burnt Church Distiller at The Pizza Co. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, as well as, different size pies, salads and don’t miss the whoopie pies for dessert.