Find your center with KTO Yoga Surf and explore one or all of the adventures. You can choose: surf lessons, paddle boarding, yoga, aerial yoga or a combination package of all. The one thing you can bet on is leaving these classes exhilarated and relaxed. You ask how can one person do all of this? KTO (nickname) is passionate about guiding students through movement classes and  beautiful Lowcountry waterways. She began KTO Yoga Surf LLC in 2017 to teach yoga and surfing lessons. She was born and raised in Savannah and Bluffton and has been surfing since age 14. She started practicing headstands on the board for fun and realized it was also an ideal place to meditate and relax. She grew up dancing competitively and Yoga and Paddle Boarding evolved from those and are now her main practices. KTO Yoga Surf has been a dream to create and she is thankful classes are in high demand!

I believe more adventures are what we need in 2022 and KTO is providing those opportunities right here locally. Book your package today and enjoy life by trying something new solo, with a group of friends, as a family or have something to look forward to each weekend throughout the month and book 4-5 lessons. If you are visiting Savannah then this is the perfect way to start each day. Support local talent and make memories while doing it!

Please let us know what is involved in a KTO surf lesson?

In the surf lessons I share safety techniques and instill as much confidence as possible. The main goal of the lesson is to have fun! Surfing is a lifelong journey, much like yoga. So students learn about the beach, the break of the waves, how to read waves, paddling, balancing, and popping up techniques. I like to learn about what types of sports or activities students have done in the past to help understand which muscle groups are stronger and how I can adapt the class for optimum results. Of course we practice some standing yoga poses to strengthen before and stretch after the water portion.

What is involved in a Paddleboard Tour & Yoga? Is this a class that anyone can take or do you need to be experienced in Yoga?

Paddleboard Yoga is completely beginner friendly! The only requirement is for students to know how to swim. It is a 2 hour tour and usually includes about 1 hour of paddling, a 45 minute yoga class, and 15 minutes of safety info and launching. We have anchors to keep us in one spot and always go at a time when the tide is right and current is not too strong. It has been going great for the past 4 years and is such an incredible activity to call a job. 

What is your most popular service and why?

I get a lot of requests to package services for groups so I would say the most popular requests are small retreats.  This can include anywhere from 2-8 sessions of various activities. Examples in the past are a yoga class in Forsyth Park one morning and an aerial yoga class the next afternoon. Or 3 days of surfing lessons with 2 aerial classes. Some guests are looking to try an activity for the first time but many are interested in really developing skills to improve their abilities. By taking three surfing classes instead of one, a student can make great progress!

How about Aerial Yoga?

This is a low impact practice in a soft hammock. The poses usually create a very calming sensation. This is referred to as inversion therapy where going upside down in a supported hammock allows for the extension of the spine and circulation throughout the body.  It is also beginner friendly and very fun! I love teaching couples and groups because they encourage one another and make each other laugh. This is mostly popular with visitors but I am thankful the local community has been requesting more classes.

Are your lessons for groups or individuals?

Both! I have given many private lessons but also have a lot of demand for bachelorette groups. I have taught many mom and daughter classes of all ages.

How can people find you and book one of your services?

Classes are available to book on my website at or follow my instagram @ktoyogasurf

What makes you feel most accomplished?

I feel accomplished seeing the confidence guests have after completing a surf lesson, paddleboard tour, or aerial yoga class. Because of the uniqueness of these activities guests are occasionally nervous at first which quickly washes into excitement and eventually becomes a major achievement. It is humbling and fun to be part of that process.