The wildly popular Two Tides now has a passion project on the way in the form of a smol Bar. Why smol you say? Cause it is small not even 300 square feet, BUT what it lacks in size it makes up for in heart. Liz Massey started this passion project before the pandemic and now with the help of her team, including taproom operations manager, Erin Bonsteel you will now be able to enjoy beer and hard seltzer based cocktails steps away from Two Tides. You can also expect signature brews, coffee tonics, fresh-squeezed juice and more while you listen to vinyl and enjoy the dark, cozy, fresh and maybe even weird (in a cool way) vibe.

At the foundation of smol, the space is an extension of the Two Tides Taproom, meaning they are only serving Two Tides manufactured beverages. However, it will be a completely different experience. The main inspiration for smol comes from Liz’s deep love of dive bars and some extremely small bars she has had the pleasure of stumbling into during trips abroad over the last few years. She was incredibly inspired by the decor, the type of service, the menus, and the energy of just being in a packed bar full of people from all different walks of life. “I love trying to find a seat in a crowded bar you’ve never been to before and then getting to know the people around you…or even looking around a bar and realizing it’s full of regulars and you know everyone around you.”

Liz hopes customers find a new hideaway where they can experience more of what Two Tides has to offer. The space is going to be 21+, and they won’t be allowing pets so it will be a little haven for customers wishing to escape the taproom on days it may have more tourists than locals, or more dogs than humans.
Come enjoy “fine beer, smol bites and good vibes” starting Friday, March 11th (fingers crossed) at the memorable and easy to remember, but hard to forget, smol Bar.

photo by @mike_schalk

Can you tell us a little about the menu?

We’re starting small at first (no pun intended haha), and then will be expanding the menu once we get our food license (hopefully within the next 3 months). The menu will change frequently. At first, our food menu will be provided by some of our close friend’s businesses, and then will be completely managed by us once that food permit is a reality. We’ll also be playing mostly vinyl in the space and be opening up the space to private reservations after we get our footing.

Our food menu will start off with some simple bites, chips, olives, pickles, hummus plates, brownies, chex mix, spiced-nuts and more. We’re going to expand into some funky bar bites like pigs in a blanket, cheese boards, and other eats.

photo by @mike_schalk

Will you have a full cocktail menu? Any specialty cocktails you’re especially excited about?

Our menu will be focused around beer and hard-seltzer based cocktails made with fresh ingredients processed in house. If you’re a fan of our frozen beer slushies, you’re going to love the cocktails. You’re going to see wild colors, different ingredients, and unique garnishes. All of our cocktails will also be available as non-alcoholic beverages as well so I’m excited to be able to offer something really great for our guests that don’t drink.

photo by @mike_schalk

What sets smol Bar apart?

There truly is nothing like Smol in Savannah right now. The menu, the cocktail recipes, the little details, customer service, and the overall experience of smol will be unique while also staying true to what everyone has experienced at Two Tides for the past four years. All attributes which I think have been setting us apart in Savannah for the past 4 years.

photo by @mike_schalk

Do you have a target opening date? 

Right now we’re aiming for Friday, March 11th. If we can’t hit that, we’ll be aiming for St. Pat’s weekend, that also happens to be Two Tides’ official 4 year anniversary. We’ll be posting updates on all of our social media channels and especially on Instagram for those that want to follow along (@TwoTidesBrewing@smol_bar)