Blend is offering solutions to transform people’s lives through quality nutrition. Since eating better is a common New Year’s resolution, what better way to start off then with an already prepared healthy goodness. Chelsea Dye is here to help us on our journey to being healthier. Chelsea is the owner and wellness guide of Savannah’s very own Blend & Press Wellness Bar, a wellness bar & shop that provides cold pressed Juice, superfood smoothie blends, Acai bowls, healthy bites, detox meals, cleanses & real life resets. The Bar provides a grab & go solution to your wellness needs by offering elevated plant powered food, juice & lifestyle products. Blend & Press is know for its signature cleanse called the Raw Reset. The new Sugar Detox Cleanse has created quite the following as well. Chelsea, brings her passion for the plant powered life to every recipe. She carefully sources everything & creates every recipe to provide the maximum nutrient density + delicious flavor. If you want to try but are not sure where to begin, read below as Chelsea answers some of Scout’s questions.

What is the Raw Reset and what type of person should be looking at this program?

The beauty Behind the Raw Reset is that it is great for anyone! The Raw Reset is especially beneficial for anyone looking to adopt healthier habits & include a more natural plant forward approach to life. The unique format incorporates juice, wellness shots, superfood smoothie & a cleansing meal with each day of the Reset. The Reset is offered in 1, 2, 3 or 5 day packages. The format enables even the busiest (and most active) clients to feel fueled & still enjoy the benefits of the super targeted reset. The support provided by the Blend & Press Team and the failsafe schedule makes following this cleanse much easier than other cleanses. Raw Reset is offered in a Super Athlete & the Deep Green Resets which provide an option for new and seasoned cleansers.

When and why would you recommend the cleanses?

It is always a good time to do a reset! We suggest you begin a reset when you are able to allow for enough time to approach the experience mindfully. If you are able to prepare by eating plant powered array the day before.

To someone just starting out on their health journey what do you recommend as a first step?

The first step is just to step foot into The Bar to see all of the delicious and nutritious options we provide. Be open minded & willing to try new things. Be a yes for your health! Try a Reset. Then use the great energy you create as a result of the Reset to catapult you into a healthier version of yourself.

If someone has never tried a juice before what is your recommendation to start?

Those new to juicing may want to consider a Digest & Refresh and an Energy Boost. The Cashew Milk or the Stress Less Brew provide a plant powered creamy option. You can’t go wrong with our sweet seasonal specials which rotate according to season produce choices.

What is your favorite product you sell?

All of them! My favorite cleanse is the sugar detox. My favorite package is the Mixology package (say hello to a healthy happy hour), my favorite smoothies are the seasonal smoothies or the Keto Kicker with Cayenne, Kale & Plant protein. My favorite everyday go to items are the Brain On & Liver Bitters. My Favorite juices are the Green Detox & the Morning Mary. I love the Skinny Sea Kelp Salad too!

You currently have two locations? Is the same product available at both?

We provide our full menu plus all cleanses and packages & lifestyle products at Habersham Village, all items are made at this location. Our pop up location in the Drayton Tower offers juices, wellness shots, Mylks Brews & Salads.