St. Neo’s is a seafood brasserie and oyster bar with a Southern accent.  It is a modern, stylish spot at 7 Drayton Street that checks all of the boxes and then some.

Opened inside the Drayton Hotel, St. Neo’s takes the classic brasserie concept—brass, marble, and fresh oysters—and adds a chic touch—blue walls, antique mirrors, and caned back seating to give it a Southern feel.  They offer dinner service Tuesday through Saturday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm and brunch is offered on Saturday from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  The fresh oyster selection is written daily on a blackboard housed behind the bar and we were served a barstool oyster from Prince Edward Island. The perfectly chilled oysters were served with fresh Holy Schmidtt’s horseradish and house made cocktail and mignonette sauce that were impressive. The oysters were $3.50 per oyster and you choose the number you would like.

Other southern influences graced the menu, like creamy grits and homemade biscuits and blackened shrimp spoonbread with herb salad. We indulged in the steak and egg benedict which sits on a base of pimento cheese sauce and grits. Then a house made english muffin is piled high with a tender, juicy cut of steak topped with a poached egg and just the right amount of hollandaise. This masterpiece was accompanied by sauteed spinach and a roasted tomato on the side. I have a hard time passing up a burger and this one is not to be missed. The brunch burger (I ordered without bun to be gluten free) was served in a deconstructed fashion with 3 slices of smoky, think slab bacon, onion jam, a fried egg and garlic aioli with crispy thick cut fries. The menu also offers french toast, a ratatouille omelet (vegetarian) and the more classic Drayton Breakfast. Most entrees range between $16 to $22 dollars.

To drink, there is a robust wine list, but the cocktails make a good companion to the food, especially since many are aperitif-style drinks made to compliment. No matter when you arrive, expect stellar service, especially at the bar, and a space that feels both chic and southern at the same time. Even though the location is in tourist central, the vibe is low-key, slightly romantic while being COVID friendly. If you are looking to avoid the crowds, experience top notch cuisine and cocktails while practicing COVID guidelines then St. Neo’s Brasserie is the ideal spot.