As Savannahians are starting to escape the confines of their homes, masked and ready, there will be a new joint to check out, Bowls and Bubbles. Head over to Broughton and Barnard…but don’t expect the “bubbles” you’re used to…they’re serving up bubble tea and poke bowls!
Owners Markus and Melissa, fueled by their love of Kung Fu Tea and poke bowls, are opening Bowls and Bubbles toward the end of July (they will announce official opening on social media). If you’re unfamiliar with bubble tea, it is a tea-based drink invented in Taiwan. The tea is shaken with ice to create a foamy layer on top and “bubbles” of chewy tapioca balls are added which find their way up your extra wide straw. Kung Fu Tea is a brand of bubble tea that aspires to provide only the most delicious, high-quality flavors. Markus and Melissa believe poke bowls pair very well with bubble tea. You will be able to create your own bowls with all of their fresh, healthy and tasty ingredients.
Bowls and Bubbles is already set up to be the perfect take-out option during a pandemic. With only 2 tables and 4 chairs in the restaurant and a few cafe tables and chairs outside, they will rely heavily on take-out business. Melissa says, “Downtown Savannah is so beautiful and with squares all around us – we encourage all of our customers to take-out and enjoy a meal in our beautiful city.” She also emphasized that additional safety precautions will be in place, all employees will be wearing masks, they will have Plexiglas all around the counter between the food and people ordering, they will ensure social distancing in the restaurant and will limit the number of people inside. So don’t be surprised if you see a line outside the restaurant.
If you’re new to bubble tea and poke bowls Melissa suggests a bowl with a mix of protein, various crunchy veggies, a sweet fruit (like mango or pineapple), a mix of soy-based sauce and a creamy drizzle with a crunchy topping…YUM! Make sure to pay special attention to your sauce, Melissa says the blend is the most important element for a tasty bowl. She also believes Kung Fu Milk Tea, Mango Green and the Orea Slush will be the best selling bubble teas.
Melissa and Markus want people to feel welcome and know they are getting delicious food and drinks from an upscale, yet quick-service establishment. So don’t be pokey, check it out!