The Daniel Reed Hospitality team is putting the finishing touches on a new express café right next door to the beloved Public, both scheduled to open in Fall/Winter 2020. Café is rather a modest description for the art deco inspired design that is bold, vibrant and glamorous. Think European sidewalk café-culture from the 1930’s and 40’s. There are bar stools at the window counters which are perfect for people watching on bustling Liberty and Bull Streets and small café tables outside just big enough for coffee drinks and croissants. But you shouldn’t think of this as only a morning stop, but rather, an all day express café that starts with your morning caffeine rush and ends with sipping wine and enjoying croques.

The menu will be a short list of unique and special food offerings that go beyond the expected list of croissants and cookies. There will be an all day made-to-order brunch menu, as well as, a bakery display case and a selection of desserts. An option for prepared foods to grab-n-go, as well as, a well-curated selection of regional merchandise and products.

But don’t let all of these wonderful things make you think that Franklin’s is anything less than serious about what’s in their cup. In fact, they have partnered with Counter Culture to create their very own Franklin’s roast. They will offer it for retail by the pound in addition to serving it from behind the counter. The name Franklin’s was derived from the fact that Franklin D. Roosevelt always requested a dark French Roast every morning. The White House staff would roast the beans themselves in the kitchen and place a coffee maker on his Presidential coffee tray so that he could regulate the brewing to his satisfaction. FDR enjoyed a great cup of coffee and so will you and so much more very soon at Franklin’s.