The Savannah Underground is an attraction like Savannah has never seen. It’s a new way to experience Savannah’s dark & terrifying past as three creepy, true tales play out around you in a 360 degree set. All three southern fried horror tales you’ll experience have taken place in Savannah and it’s surrounding areas. Today’s horror movies rely more heavily on intense realism. In trying to match cinema’s intensity, this newest immersive attraction has taken the experience to a whole new level.

The TSU is being brought to you by Red Eye Film Productions, which is a local film production company located in downtown Savannah. Red Eye was started in 2009 by brothers, John Taylor Timmons, who serves as the co-founder/director and Kewaan Drayton, who serves as the co-founder/business developer. John Taylor has always had a passion for film and theatre, while Kewaan has always been business-minded and passionate about the entertainment industry. The duo have not been at it alone, they have a full team of dedicated creatives that have been helping them every step along the way.

You are not going to want to miss this unique experience being held at The Clyde Venue, 223 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. The show opens on March 3rd with three performances and is currently extended through March 27th. Tickets can be purchased for $24.99 and additional discounts apply for students, military, locals and seniors. As someone who grew up admiring horror films, I cannot wait to support local entrepreneurs and get the immersive experience of a lifetime.

What should a person expect from The Savannah Underground’s Immersive Experience?

It’s hard to tell what to expect without giving too much away! All we’ll say is that people should be prepared for a new way to experience Savannah’s dark and terrifying past as three creepy, true tales play out around them in a 360-degree set. Oh, and you won’t be touched.

What type of person would enjoy this experience?

This experience can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a new way to experience Savannah. If you love history and horror, this is something you’ll enjoy. Our market research shows that women are super stoked to experience what’s inside.

Is there a suggested age limit?

The show allows ages 13+.

On a scale of 1 to 10…how scared am I going to be?


Are the stories true?

The stories are true, but some liberties have been taken to fill in the gaps that no one knows. The Alice Riley story is the most accurate as to what happened. The Boo Hag is a Gullah Geechee folktale but when we visited Charleston, SC to perform research on the culture and hags specifically, we realized that it’s a very real fear many people have. The St. Julian Demon House tells the story of the only confirmed exorcism to take place in Savannah, GA. Not much is known about the 1963 exorcism so we created a story around it peppered with facts we know about it.

Which is your favorite story and why?

My (John Taylor) favorite story is for sure the Boo Hag story. When you come to The Savannah Underground, you experience a smorgasbord of horror, from true crime murder to creature feature and the tale of the Hag is the most unnerving, darkest story without a doubt.

What are the safety precautions being taken for the experience?

In regards to safety precautions, we have minimized the capacity limit of audience members. In reality, the show can hold up to 40 people, but we are only allowing 25-30 people per show to allow for social distancing. We are also requiring that audience members wear their masks at all times. If they don’t have one in their possession, we will provide one.