Where can you find a 1966 Grumman Olson Kurbside turned ice cream truck with refreshing creations such as: Rosemary Pecan Caramel, Rocky Road, Honey Vanilla, Key Lime Pie, Berry Blast and Double Espresso just to name a few? The answer is Savannah’s newest truck, Starship Ice Cream.

Steven Penatello is a corporate aviation specialist who you might also know from his side hustle Penatello Metal Craft where he specialized in custom metal projects and decorative iron works for such local favorites as Alley Cat Lounge and LaScala Ristorante. Fast forward a few years through a lay off and a pandemic and what has emerged is a local culinary road warrior.

The four-wheel ice cream pioneer about to hit the pavement has been brought back to action as layers of paint have been removed that had accumulated since 1966.  Steve found that it had also been an Atlas Moving van and originally belonged to a department store up north called Steiger’s. The truck has not run in 8 years. It took 12 months, 6 days a week 10-12 hours a day and as the truck began to take shape, Steve and his family realized that this thing was going to be more beautiful than they had imagined.

What started with a vision and a three part plan on a white board: 1. Build an ice cream truck, 2. Make an Ice Cream Brand, 3. Franchise the trucks is finally coming to fruition. As Steve started the process he quickly realized that most ice cream recipes were artificial, full of chemicals and imitations of flavors and ultimately made to turn a profit. Steve began to develop his own recipes made with love. Starship Ice Cream specialties include: Rocky Road (They make their own rocky road candy using premium dark chocolate, roasted honey glazed almonds that have been soaked in Pink Himalayan sea salt). They also have a unique flavor called Rosemary Pecan Caramel. They start with honey roasted pecans, fresh rosemary, Cayenne pepper and home made dark caramel. This is one of Steve’s favorite complex flavors because it changes flavors in your mouth several times. Plus Strawberry Cheesecake (with pounds of strawberries and large chunks of real cheese cake), Chocolate Fudge Brownie Chunk (with real fudge brownie chunks), Honey Vanilla, Key Lime Pie, Berry Blast and Double Espresso, if you aren’t craving ice cream yet, check your pulse. For public events the truck will generally have about six flavors on board. For private events, customers will have the option of choosing the options.

The truck is just awaiting its final rubber stamp from the city before they are ready to roll out and start their partnership with Starland Yard. The website should be going live within the next few weeks at www.starshipicecream.com where booking will be available, as well as, truck schedules. There is currently a Facebook Page for @starshipicecream and IG account @starshipicecream. If you would like to start booking now for future dates, please reach out to Steve by phone at 912-999-3899.

Let’s show the Penatello family how great Savannah is at showing love for an entrepreneurial dream turned Starship Ice Cream. Look to Scout for launch dates and follow Starship Ice Cream on social media to be the first to get a taste of Rosemary Pecan Caramel!