By nature, I am a problem solver. When I look at Silent Disco, I see not only much fun to be had also so many social problems solved. For instance, do you have a voice only a mother could love?  Doesn’t matter, nobody can hear you singing because they have headphones on. Is dancing to the beat impossible because you can’t find the beat? No worries, for all they know you could be listening to another song and your moves are fire. Can you never decide on a place to go because everyone has different taste in music? With your own set of Silent Disco headphones you often have choices in genres.

Silent Disco Savannah was started by three friends: Courtney, Chrissy and Mary Catherine. They rented silent disco headphones for Mary Catherine’s birthday, but had to have them shipped in from New York. They took them with them as they bar hopped around the city with their big group of girlfriends. They loved this experience – dancing to our own beats and catching attention – and wanted to offer this experience to others in Savannah! Read below to find out more about these fabulous ladies as well as how you can experience Silent Disco for yourselves.

Please explain how SDS works?

Our noise-cancelling, wireless headphones connect to Bluetooth transmitters. These transmitters can connect wirelessly to your phone’s playlist or a DJ booth! The headphones play up to three different channels of music.

How do people best utilize the cool concept of SDS?

We rent to small groups and large groups. We started by offering our headphones on the bachelorette scene, but now we rent to groups of up to 220 people. We love renting our headphones to bars and weddings for big events!

Please let us know some of the different options/packages you offer?

For small groups, we offer 3 hour or overnight rentals. For larger groups, we offer packages by the hour. Regardless of size, a member (or members) of the Silent Disco Savannah crew will drop off your headphones at your desired location and collect them after.

What is the best way for someone to find out more information and how do they book?

To learn more about us, visit Smaller groups can book directly through our online portal. Larger groups can call 912-421-9610.

Can you tell us about your favorite Silent Disco Savannah experience so far?

We love every single event! It is hard to pick one. Recently, we partnered with the Rail Pub to offer a silent disco to patrons on a Saturday. All three of us came to the event to distribute the headphones and we LOVED meeting everyone and dancing together!

What do you love about Savannah?

The people of Savannah know how to have a good time! Savannah offers great drinks and wonderful people!

What makes you feel most accomplished?

We love working together as a team to grow our business.

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

Put on some silent disco headphones and head downtown! Bar hop with our beats until the bars close!