You may be asking who Jane is and why would I want to go on a date with her? I worked with a fabulous gentleman by the name of Ed “Coach” Smart.  We would regularly discuss where he was going to take his “lovely bride Jane,” as he calls her, on his day off. This got me thinking, more people should take a page out of Ed & Jane’s book. There is an art to dating, one that requires forethought and planning.  In this weekly segment I am going to put together a “Date with Jane” that everyone can enjoy.

What is something to take your mind off of quarantine?  Beer=check, BBQ=check and Board Games=check.  Let’s stay safe inside, turn off the news and turn up the fun.

First, score some of Savannah’s finest beer. Service Brewing, Coastal Empire Beer Co, Two Tides Brewing and Southbound can be found at your local liquor store and some are offering curbside pick up.  Just check their website and give them a call before heading out.

Next, swing by BowTie BBQ and pick up enough pork spare ribs, batter-less fried chicken and smoked brisket to soak up all that beer.  Don’t forget the cornbread and the house sauce.

Finally, pull out those dusty old games that are hiding under the television or you can look at the Scout Savannah upcoming events and check out what kind of Zoom games you can take part in.  We will update as the we are informed.

Motivation is hard to find during quarantine but with only 2 stops you can make a night out of it.