You may be asking who Jane is and why would I want to go on a date with her? I worked with a fabulous gentleman by the name of Ed “Coach” Smart.  We would regularly discuss where he was going to take his “lovely bride Jane,” as he calls her. This got me thinking, more people should take a page out of Ed & Jane’s book. There is an art to dating, one that requires forethought and planning.  In this weekly segment I am going to put together a “Date with Jane” that everyone can enjoy.

Right now, with everyone in close quarters, the last thing on your mind is spending more time with your significant other.  However, according to Dr. Racine Henry, a marriage and family therapist, scheduling and committing to dates during this new normal is critical to maintaining a healthy relationship.  “Whether you’re socially distant or not, you still want to remind yourself why you’re together and recreate those good vibes and memories as much as possible,” Dr. Henry said. “That may mean silencing your phone, creating a certain mood, and being intentional and purposeful about making time for romance and re-connection.”

Challenge accepted, how to date in the times of Corona.

Well the good doctor mentioned creating a certain mood. What is more romantic than Paris? While Paris seems unobtainable for the foreseeable future, technology says otherwise.

Due to the circumstance, our date in gay Paris will be a brunch at home.  You’re going to have to give me a little leeway here Savannah, we are in the middle of a Pandemic. You can find a good amount of French delicacies at Mirabelle Savannah and they are open from 9am to 3pm everyday but Wednesday. Mirabelle is currently offering both pick up and delivery.  A few items you might want to consider are croque monsieur waffles, pomme brie sandwich on soft sourdough, sweet or savory croissants or even quiche du jour.  If you are truly getting into character you will grab a shot of espresso to go. Ooh la la!


I mean, what is a stop in Paris without a tray of lovely fromage. Call ahead to Foxy Loxy who is offering curbside pick up on a cheese board with one, three or five cheeses. By now you should be getting excited and feeling absolutely amour.

This will take a little planning but if you want to end the night with some macarons then Marche de Macarons is still shipping.  Due to the current virus outbreak they are shipping Mon-Wed. Any order placed after 2pm EST on Wednesday will ship the Next Monday.

Lastly, you must have a great bottle of French wine.  Savannah Wine Cellar is doing curbside pick up only.  You can order through the website, email or phone.  All bottles are then sanitized and placed in customers cars.  You will need to show proof of i.d.

You are now back safely sheltered in place but wondering,”How can I feel like I am in Paris?” By taking an hour long virtual tour of the Louvre. Enjoy your croissants and cheese while gazing at the works of Monet, Manet, Renoir and don’t forget to peep the Mona Lisa.

Merci Beaucoup.