You may be asking who Jane is and why would I want to go on a date with her? I worked with a fabulous gentleman by the name of Ed “Coach” Smart.  We would regularly discuss where he was going to take his “lovely bride Jane,” as he calls her. This got me thinking, more people should take a page out of Ed & Jane’s book. There is an art to dating, one that requires forethought and planning.  In this weekly segment I am going to put together a “Date with Jane” that everyone can enjoy.

Restaurants are still open for takeout but happy hour is canceled, indefinitely. Bartenders, especially, are suffering right now: they only make money when people come in, pull up a chair and enjoy the vibes that happy hour normally provides. So, Ed & Jane are going to arrange a virtual happy hour with their friends via Zoom. Not only is this going to allow them to get some interaction with people they have been missing, but they are stepping up to keep bartenders working and help out some other businesses along the way. Here are a couple ideas for how to host.

Contact a local bartender. If your favorite bar keep isn’t on speed dial, just send us an email at and we will help you arrange something. Allow the bartender to create a few drinks that your crowd would be interested in and they will give you a list of ingredients needed. Ask for the fee (which will include demonstration and answering questions) and get their Venmo account for tipping.

If your friends are more into wine. Call the Savannah Wine Cellar or Le Chai and work with them to put together a few bottles of wine and possibly a virtual tasting.

Secondly, work with some of the local talent at restaurants to create a takeout box especially for your virtual cocktail event. Here are a few examples of some tasty treats:

Thrive Catering – Eggplant Parmesan or Beef Enchilada Pie.  All orders must be in by 3pm Tuesday for pick up by 3pm on Friday

The GroveNashville Hot Chicken with Mashed Potatoes which serves 4 people and includes brussels sprouts with bacon and 2 slices of cake

Pizzeria Vittoria – Start with some Pork Belly Bruschetta, followed by a Classic Margherita Pizza and finish with Cannolis made in house.

Flock to the Wok-Family Meal Combo 2 or 4 entrees plus 1 complimentary appetizer.  Plus get $5 off your order of $20 on UberEats.

Finally, you will need to act as host of the night.  Scout’s suggestion is to keep the Zoom call to no more than 10 couples. To ensure that chaos doesn’t ensue, have a few questions prepared and asking everyone else to mute their lines while others answer.  Here are a few topics to get the conversation flowing:

Give a few minutes for each couple to tell how they are doing?

What is the weirdest thing (food or other) you bought with your “social distancing” shopping?

What are you watching, listening to or reading right now?

How amazing and informative is the new Scout website (sometimes you need a shameless plug)?

The last detail is pulling it all together.  Create a zoom invitation with date and time.  Make sure to include a list of items needed if working with a bartender or pick up or delivery information for a local wine store.  Next you can let them know you created a special dinner box from a local restaurant, if they are interested.  Lastly, prepare some slow jazz for a little ambiance music and get ready to be the host with the most!