What if your next vacation could change your life? One usually thinks of getting on a plane, renting a car and being many miles away for wellness travel, but what if you could get the same benefits right in our area. Wellness travel has recently expanded right in Tybee to encompass the many ways getting away can benefit mind, body and spirit. Angela Lightsey is the founder of Tybee Wellness Retreats. This idea was brought to fruition by guidance and collaboration with many other women in her life. The Wellness Team is comprised of a dynamic group of professionals who specialize in wellness and healing. Most of the team members are also small business owners based in our community. Angela is most proud of the expertise that we collectively hold and plan to generously share with other women.

They will offer a retreat every month beginning in September 2021 until February 2022, with more dates to be added. Guests arrive on Friday afternoon and depart Monday after a healthy breakfast. They hope to expand into week-long retreats in 2022. Also, daily workshops are available as well.

What should a person expect from a Tybee Wellness Retreats Package?

We offer our guests a rich array of self care and wellness-focused activities. Included in the base price is:

All meals (healthy and delicious)

Tea, coffee & water service

4 yoga classes 

1 interactive energy workshop

1 whole foods based cooking class

1 intention-setting singing bowl meditation

1 “Find Your Fire” workshop

1 super fun closing ceremony

We also offer personal services for an additional fee including several types of massage, reiki, skin care, breath work, tarot, dream interpretation and life coaching. Just to name a few! Daily workshops are part of our current package and will plan to add more offerings in the future.


What sets TWR apart from other wellness retreats?

The Tybee Wellness Retreats Team is a diverse group of wise and accomplished women dedicated to enhancing health. We recognize that women often put self-care last on their to-do list. We aim to change that. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing space for women to expand their health and wellness horizons, meet other like minded-women, find respite from the cares of this world, rest and re-commit to themselves.

What is the best way for someone to find out more information and how do they book?

Go to www.tybeewellnessretreats.com

I am happy to assist anyone personally with booking through tybeewellnessretreats@gmail.com or 912-657-0228

If somebody wants to sign up for a retreat for the first time, which retreat would you suggest?

All of the retreats scheduled have the same format. Stay tuned for more immersive week-long retreats that will address topics such as empowerment, soul awakening & trauma.

What is your favorite class or service that is offered and why?

This is a very difficult question to answer! I chose our offerings with great intention. My favorite would depend on what I am going through personally at the time. For instance, a singing bowl meditation would help me to relax and go inward. A morning yoga class would get my blood flowing and serotonin boosted to have a positive day! The great thing about all of the workshops is that you can take what you love back into your daily life. Of course, I love a good massage.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

Over the last year or so, we have been through a great shift. Collectively, we are looking for more meaning in our lives. I feel most accomplished when I am in a room with genuinely curious women who speak their truth – and being able to share this knowledge with my daughter.