We don’t know who thought to add chocolate to espresso, but we’d like to shake their hand and say, “Thank you!”

Mochas, typically made with espresso, chocolate syrup, milk and maybe whipped cream, can be found in nearly every coffee shop today. But despite the similar list of ingredients, the type and amount of chocolate and quality of espresso leaves plenty of room for variations. Some are too sweet. Some taste burnt. But the very best meld two of the most wonderful flavors on earth and make you thankful to be alive.

We want that for you, so we spent a week tasting as many mochas as possible in a search for Savannah’s top notch offerings.

Cup to Cup Cafe

140 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31401

Upon entering the historic district cafe, Cup to Cup, I immediately asked, “What’s the best mocha?” The question was then put to me, “Do you like melted chocolate ice cream?” Umm…who doesn’t? That is exactly what the Iced Nitro Draught Mocha with almond milk tasted like. Melted chocolate ice cream with a coffee kick. You’re welcome.

Blends a Coffee Boutique

102 East Broughton Street
Savannah, GA 31401

At Blends I had the iced mocha latte with coconut milk. This is a drink for real coffee drinkers. Even though the coconut added a bit of sweetness and thickness, the coffee was still the star of the show. You can also choose your coffee bean according to how much caffeine you prefer. This is a strong mocha latte.


313 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31401

The Iced Sea Salt Mocha Latte with oat milk was my drink of choice at Mirabelle’s. This was a smooth latte with a lot of chocolate and a hint of the sea salt. One sip and I was in love,my overall favorite mocha of the week. The flavors were melded together nicely, neither being overwhelming, making for a very enjoyable mocha.

Mate Factor

401 East Hall Street
Savannah, GA 31401

At Mate Factor my order was an Iced Mocha Mint with Oat Milk. It isn’t truly coffee but instead Yerba Mate, a strong caffeinated tea, which lends itself to a green tea taste in my opinion. It wasn’t unpleasant but I missed the taste of coffee mixed with the chocolate. The adorable & relaxing atmosphere would definitely keep me coming back. Especially the cozy & peaceful outdoor space.