First things first, a good fall picnic should have all the components…a picture perfect setting, blankets and throw pillows, cocktails, cheese and of course, excellent food.  Let’s start with the food which we sourced from one of our favorite markets—The Grey Market.  Here are Scout’s tips on how to plan the perfect, one stop fall picnic.

Bring portable food that is easy to transport and eat

The Grey Market offers a cocktail kit ($20 for 2) of Negroni, Aperol Spritz or Manhattans so you can recreate a bar-quality drink in the wild. What goes better with a cocktail than house-made pimento cheese ($8) with crackers from home or a delicious TGM baguette. Next we pre-ordered the Sunday fried chicken ($20) which came with 5 Springer Mountain free range, house-made blackened fried pieces. If you opt to go on a different day, they also offer a sliced Virginia ham and sweet butter on a fresh baked baguette ($8) which is perfect for picnics. Grab a farmer’s salad with tahini, turnip, summer squash and farro (vegan) ($15). Don’t forget some sweets from the bakery case and your meal is complete.


Find a picturesque setting

With such beautiful fall weather upon us, it would be a shame not to take advantage of some of Savannah’s most beautiful outdoor spots.  Did you know that Forsyth Park is arguably one of the most picnic-able spots in the nation? Forsyth Park lures picnickers to its grassy fields for good reasons. The Park has plenty of green space for you to spread out a blanket, kick back and relax. Plus it is close enough to Grey Market that your chicken will stay warm & crispy.

The details

Disposable is convenient, but there are plenty of virtues to reusable plates and silverware. They instantly make your picnic feel more special, they don’t blow away, they are sturdy enough to hold fried chicken and most importantly, better for the environment. For a cute touch, you could use vintage pie tins in place of plates to drive home the southern theme and mason jars for your cocktails. Don’t forget silverware, cloth napkins, a washable blanket and a trash bag to keep the park clean.

Cheers to fall everyone!