Like so many foods, ice cream has headed into the world of local, handmade and artisanal and Monique Silen, a SCAD Alumni is bringing it to a freezer near you. Finn & Quinn’s is a small-batch ice cream and you can pick up a pint at Kayak Kafe Midtown right now!

Growing up in Panama taught Monique the love of fresh, quality ice cream. It would be difficult to argue that any other food holds a stronger connection to memory than ice cream does. Ask most people about their favorite childhood ice cream and the descriptions will be vivid and specific. With the ability to focus on quality without compromising the integrity, Finn & Quinn’s is sure to carry on tradition for your family.  Read below as Scout asks some questions to find out what’s the next step for Finn & Quinn and some of the mouth-watering flavors that have already made it to the freezer.

What sets your ice cream apart?

We are a small batch artisanal ice cream maker. Because we are small batch, we produce a small quantity of pints at a time, this gives us the ability to focus on quality without compromising the integrity of the ice cream.

What are some of your specialties?

I wanted to focus on French style ice cream, which has a silkier and smoother texture. We don’t use any additives or stabilizers and our ingredient list is simple and to the point. You can taste the freshness in the ice cream. I’m also offering a vegan option, with home made cashew milk.

What would you like Finn & Quinn to be known for?

Good quality ice cream! I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, I want to focus on classic flavors but also experiment with some really fun, new ideas. Everyone loves ice cream, why not eat something that is Savannah made, good quality and easy to enjoy.


What are some of your ice cream flavors?

We are doing classic flavors, with the idea of slowly adding a new flavor every week. The first week we did Salted Caramel, Roasted Banana and Vegan Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flakes. This week we just rolled out Chocolate Brownie.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor and why?

I love them all! But I must say Salted Caramel reminds me of home. The fresh made caramel with the vanilla base is such a classic combination, it’s honestly hard to beat!

Where can we purchase your product?

Kayak Kafe Midtown 5002 Paulsen St. Mon-Sun 11am-9pm (produced in small batches with limited quantities)

What makes you feel most accomplished about Finn & Quinn?

I understand that there is true satisfaction when you work on things you love, enjoy and can share with others.