Carl & Mamie Jay Atkins, founders of Eccentric Studio One, have a different idea about what an art gallery should be. It’s not just about the art on the walls. They believe that art should help create community. That’s one reason they opened their gallery at 309 W. Saint Julian St. #1 in City Market. It allows them the opportunity to be right in the heart of Savannah and meet and greet locals, as well as, tourists to showcase their dream come true.
The couple went from being homeless for a year to being small business owners and they thank God for the restoration of life, health and marriage. The local artist team are a success story that Savannah is going to want to take part in. Mamie Jay is a published author and has been an artist and poet since 2017, when she found art in the midst of a dark season of her life.  Carl Atkins is an Army veteran who loves the art of woodworking. He builds anything from custom engraved cutting boards to new custom closets, cabinets, decks and other household furniture.  They both have a gift to design and create artist gifts and they love sharing it with those who come across their path.
The Eccentric Studio One opens to the public today (February 5th). Please show your support to this small business who is doing great things for our community.

If someone is coming to your studio for the first time, what should they expect?

First and foremost, they should expect a warm Savannah greeting! The greeting would be followed by the comfortable browsing of the art gallery & boutique. On the left hand side of the studio, they will find an eccentric & multifaceted art collection by Mamie Jay and other local artists. In the center and moving over to the right side, the guest will find Boho and Afrocentric, handmade jewelry, hand-poured candles, essential oil shea butters, charcuterie & cutting boards, wooden wall decor, as well as, other artist gifts.

Can you tell us about the art therapy that is offered and any other programs that the community should be aware of?

Mamie Jay is a sexual & physical abuse survivor. She has overcome sexual abuse that lasted for 6 years in her childhood. She was abused by 7 different people, and then abandoned into a children’s home in Round Rock Texas. After moving to Georgia at the age of 17, she then got married to a military man, who became physically abusive after saying “I do.” Needless to say, the marriage only lasted 2 years. She divorced and then remarried Carl Atkins, and they have been together now 16 years and share beautiful 13 year old identical twin daughters. Due to the trauma that Mamie Jay has endured she has opened her heart and made it her mission to help other people overcome the stronghold that being sexually and physically abused can cause a person. Although the program specializes in abuse survivors, the art therapy  is available for anyone who feels sad, depressed and/or alone, and is offered in the studio. Carl Atkins also has a custom carpentry apprenticeship service that he is offering to veterans. Any and all veterans who have a desire to learn the trade of woodworking and building are able to sign up to be an intern. Carl enjoys building and loves to share his skills and knowledge with others.

Tell us a little about your curating process for choosing artists?

Eccentric Studio One opens its doors and walls to other artists who may want to display and/or sell their art in the heart of Savannah’s City Market. The process involves the artist reaching out to Mamie Jay and/or Carl and signing the monthly space rental agreement.

Tell us a little about your rotations and how a person would know when you have a new showing?

Eccentric Studio One has its Grand Opening this Saturday, February 5th and has not been open long enough to develop its rotation pattern, but plan on always having sales and promotions, which will be displayed on the website and social media channels IG: eccentric_studio_one. They will always find ways to connect and engage with guest and the people of Savannah.

How can the Savannah community support Eccentric Studio One?

Eccentric Studio One is open to connecting with other businesses to put together community events that promote unity, healing, empowerment, growth and development. Carl and Mamie Jay would love to get as involved with building the community as much as possible and would even like to participate in vending events to reach the people in the community.

What do you love about Savannah?

The diversity is the greatest refreshing aspect of Savannah. We love to connect to people from any and all walks of life. We believe in sharing true love and care from our hearts to the world, no matter the culture, race, gender or any other societal barriers. Their hearts do not carry barriers and they desire to share that liberating gesture with anyone that they can!

What makes you feel accomplished?

Assisting and helping others. Our hearts feel the most fulfilled when we see another person overcome, elevate, increase or do well.