There’s a world of hospitality contained in the seasonally charged menu at Savannah’s newest hotel restaurant-Fleeting. Plates such as duck confit biscuit buns, shrimp toast and smoky dates greet you as a segue into a menu that is inspired by local farmer’s markets, seasonal produce and its proximity to the Savannah River. The highly acclaimed Executive Chef Rob Newton is in charge of this seasonal-minded menu. Newton has spent time in some of New York City’s most respected restaurants among others where he is known for menus inspired by his southern roots and global travels. As with most seasonal restaurants I can’t speak to specific dishes because they are ever-changing. However, I can say that what awaits you is freshly picked, perfectly seasoned and balanced with a well-rounded menu of complimentary bites.

Chicken Galantine

Such elevated food asks for elevated surroundings and Thompson Hotel has obliged. The dining room has the low lights and the dark-wood floor feel of a brasserie, along with arched entry ways and elegant seating accompanied by marble-topped tables.

Spiced Duck Breast

There is not doubt that after writing this introduction there will be people who say this restaurant is, “To rich for my blood.” To this I say, there are a few common characteristics that you should expect when paying a higher price point: attention to small details, exceptional servers, sustainably and locally sourced foods and focus on guest experience. In my opinion, all of these points where exceeded and for just a few more dollars than I would have spent down the road. This is a restaurant that deserves a little extra.