Pupuseria Jireh | 309 Main Street Garden City 

In El Salvador, where pupusas are the national dish, the palm-size stuffed-and-griddled tortillas are considered finger food. To eat a pupusa the Salvadoran way, tear off a piece of corn tortilla allow the molten mozzarella still clinging to the tortilla to pull apart and pop in your mouth…no utensils necessary. The pupusas come with many different fillings but one of the most popular is “Revueltas” which is beans, cheese and pork. This delicious tortilla may be the best $2.75 you have ever spent! If you are asking, where can I get my hands (literally) on a pupusa? The answer is Pupuseria Jireh at 309 Main Street Garden City just 13 minutes outside of Savannah.

Sandra Cohen opened this modestly outfitted restaurant with her family in 2018 when she began to introduce Savannah to a true Pupuseria, another word for Salvadoran restaurant. She decided to open her dream restaurant to not only add a little bit of Salvadoran culture down South but to also have a legacy to pass down to her daughter. Sandra learned to make pupusas from her mother when she was a little girl, to be able to feed her siblings. Just being able to afford buying a Pupusa in her country was a blessing.

It’s easy to forget all about the other food when talking about melted cheese, but the restaurant promises more. Mrs. Cohen makes a small selection of tamales which are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fried yuca fries with coleslaw and pork rinds are a favorite and for dessert Empanadas de Leche (sweet stuffed plantains with milk custard). Ever-changing daily specials are also available and written on a black board just inside the door. On the day of my visit, there was fried tilapia which is a favorite of Mrs. Cohen who likes it best with rice, beans, salad & tortillas.

In El Salvador the tortilla is eaten for breakfast but after you taste Pupuseria Jireh you will want one at every meal. Be sure to visit the restaurant Monday to Saturday (times vary) or they also offer take out and catering as well.