Grant Anderson is the brains behind Better Fresh Farms and is part farmer and part scientist. Better Fresh Farms is a hydroponic farm, meaning no soil, all vegetables are grown in nutrient rich water which is Grant’s own secret recipe. His farm is not only inside a warehouse, it’s also inside 4 shipping containers within the warehouse. This eliminates the need for chemicals and pesticides. And since it’s a controlled environment, Grant is able to farm 52 weeks a year and cut the growth cycle by 50% for more produce, by extending “sunlight” hours.

Grant Anderson and his farm prior to moving into the Meter warehouse

Grant’s interest in farming goes back to his roots, he has fond memories of helping his Grandfather farm a small 1-acre farm. He then went from country boy to city slicker, got a business degree and worked in banking and finance for a while. It didn’t feel right, and he kept finding himself questioning the food on his table and where it came from. He started researching farms & the demand near the Savannah are and decided to “plant roots” in Metter, GA.

Better Fresh Farms produces more than 80 varieties of vegetables. It’s important to Grant that the vegetables are harvested & consumed quickly, when they are the most nutrient dense. He is quick to point out that while hydroponic farming has it’s benefits, it can not replace traditional farming. Not all produce can be grown hydroponically, for example, potatoes, corn and green beans. But he is able to grow lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, kale and herbs just to name a few. Grant constantly hears from his customers and chefs that he has the “most flavorful lettuce,” and because of the farming practices, all vegetables take less time to clean, prep and cook.

Giving back to the community is very important to Better Fresh Farms, 10% of produce goes to lower income consumers. Grant farms to capacity so he can have an overage to donate to local markets that provide access to healthy food for lower income families. His dream for the future is to provide high quality, clean, nutrient dense produce to all of Georgia and beyond. Because the shipping containers can be placed anywhere, you can grow produce where you typically could not. He would like to see them on roofs of buildings throughout Atlanta and in the colder weather climates where you can’t produce vegetables year around.

Better Fresh Farms’ demand got so high they only sold to restaurants, however, because of COVID they are back at Forsyth Farmers Market. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the difference by picking up produce from Grant and his team at Better Fresh Farms. You can also find their goods at Statesboro Market 2 Go and Brighter Day Natural Foods.

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