I’ve said it before and I don’t think it’s a secret, farming is very hard work. Long hours, stress, preparing for the unknown and trying to be compassionate toward the land and your animals while still providing for your family…it takes a special person to be a farmer, someone with a lot of passion and heart. When speaking to Richard Cowart from Bootleg Farm that is exactly what I hear passion and a love of farming.

Richard and his wife Wendy switched career paths to get back to their roots as farmers. Both come from agricultural families and found themselves drawn to the farm. Wendy, the head cheese artist, loves trying new recipes and combining the best flavors for her cheese. Bootleg Farm is the only Grade A goat dairy in the Coastal Empire and everything, from production to packaging, is done on their 50-acre farm in Springfield, GA.

Jalapeno Queso, perfect complement to burgers!

Bootleg Farm produces a traditional feta, made from 100% goat milk, as feta should be, and is their best seller, especially to local Savannah chefs. Wendy’s Lemon Cream Cheese is also a big hit with customers but sells out quickly. And don’t miss the “Flavor of Georgia” award winning cajeta, a latin caramel sauce made of sweetened caramelized goat milk. Richard explained that its not only Wendy’s culinary talents that make great cheese, but also the diet of the goats. As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat,” that is also true with goat milk. Bootleg Farm goats are free range and fed perennial peanut hay and a rotation of high quality and natural products which changes the taste of the milk. It’s important to the farm to be as natural as possible, so even things like parasite control are handled naturally through foods and environment.

You can find Bootleg Farm in a number of places in Georgia, a full list is below. A few local favorites are Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market, Brighter Day Natural Food Market and currently through partners Billy’s Botanicals, Vertu Farm and Whippoorwill Farms. They also have many partnerships with local chefs, so keep an eye out for their products in your favorite Savannah restaurants.

In the future Richard would like to expand into agri-tourism to help re-introduce people to where their food comes from. Farm-to-table shouldn’t just be a movement, but a lifestyle.

You can find Bootleg Farm products:

Forsyth Farmers Market Savannah, GA

Farmers Market 2 Go Statesboro, GA

Market on Maple Sylvania, GA

Polks Plus Pooler, GA

Brighter Day Natural Food Market Savannah, GA

Myra’s Produce Market Cordele, GA

Back to the Basics 101 Cochran, GA

Village Marketplace Macon, GA

And coming soon…Good Earth Produce & Garden Center Augusta, GA