If you’re dreaming of owning your own farm, you might be interested to know that Kate Talbott was in your shoes just a few months ago and now owns the established, working microgreens farm, Ebenezer Greens.

Kate and her husband had been interested in growing Microgreens and had just started growing their own when they came across Ebenezer Greens.  Kate says, “I found out that Angie (from Ebenezer Greens) was interested in selling her business because she was moving.” At that point, Kate, her husband and 2 kids lived on 15 acres in Rincon. The property they purchased housed about 200 blueberry bushes which kick-started her farming life. They experienced a lot of trial and error and learned as they went. “I am hoping that one day my children (6 and 5) will look back upon their childhood and appreciate the lessons and responsibility that they learned and literally see the fruit of our labor,” Kate says.

When I asked Kate about any kind of changes she will be making to Ebenezer Greens, I heard nothing but praise for the farm and business Angie had created. Kate said, “I love the name – since we are also in the Ebenezer area, it just seems right to carry on the same name. I am learning Angie’s style of growing and taking in as much of her knowledge and expertise as I possibly can. She has established a fantastic product and overall business. I hope to carry on her legacy.” They do plan on looking into ways to market the vast quantities of blueberries that they harvest each season. But right now it is all pretty new so they will just be sticking with microgreens.

Ebenezer Greens is not what you picture when you think of a farm. All of the growing is done in their garage, in trays, under LED lights. Currently, the farm is growing about 75 trays per week with a wide variety of seeds – arugula, radish, peas, mustards, cabbage and a number of others. The microgreens grow anywhere from one week to three weeks before harvesting rather than typical lengthy yields. It is run as a true family farm, only Kate & her husband do all the work. Luckily she says they make a great team!


Microgreens are the younger form of many varieties of your typical vegetables (for example, radish, arugula, cabbage, peas, broccoli, etc.). Microgreens have a much higher concentration of nutrients than their more mature form. They are versatile and are really great with pretty much any meal. Kate suggests throwing them in anywhere and everywhere, she says they’re easy to hide so your kids get more greens! If you would like to add flavor to your food, you should try some of the bolder flavors of the leeks, cilantro, the spicy trio or basil blend. If you would like to add more nutrients or an extra crunch, you can easily add any mix of greens (pea shoots, arugula, cabbage, etc.) to any salad.

Above all Kate loves the fact that she has the opportunity to provide her family and people in general with a great product that is fresh, organic, and packed with so many wonderful nutrients.

You can find Ebenezer Greens at Forsyth Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and Hilton Head Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays. She will also accept special orders via email to ebenezergreens@gmail.com.

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