Gannon Organics is a “new kid” on the farmers market block. After opening his “urban farm” in November, he has already faced many challenges, including the current pandemic. Brendan’s farm is minutes from Savannah at the Bethesda Academy. He smartly took advantage of the academy’s elimination of their farming courses and used that to create his own 4-acre farm. Brendan tends to his land with his fiance and uses a ridge system and cover crops to ensure good soil health and reduce erosion. He produces a diverse assortment of vegetables with over 50 different kinds, including kale, collards, tomatoes, peppers, okra and various lettuces. All veggies are raised with organic practices, like many small farms, he is still awaiting his official USDA organic certification.

Brendan does not come from a typical farm background, in fact, he found his love of farming in New York City of all places. After graduating with a Journalism major, he had a difficult time finding a paying journalism job, so he started working at hotels. After volunteering a few times for some farms upstate, he found his passion. He eventually moved to Savannah and started to manage Cane Water Farm. After they relocated to the mid-west, he found land of his own and got the farm up and producing very quickly and was selling mainly to local restaurants. After the restaurants were forced to adjust their businesses for COVID, Brendan quickly shifted his focus to Forsyth Farmer’s Market & opened online ordering and delivery, which he plans on continuing.

His advice to anyone who is thinking about getting into farming is, dip your toe first. Farming is hard work, not only the actual farming side of it, but the business side as well.

You can find Gannon Organics at Forsyth Farmers Market on Saturdays or order from the online store.

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