Farmers are some of the strongest, most hard working and kind people I know. We are lucky to have a lot of farms in and around Savannah. Some of these farmers can be found at our local farmer’s markets.

One of our favorites is Marissa from Whippoorwill Farms in Ridgeland, SC. Marissa can be summed up with one word, unstoppable. Recently upgrading from a 2-acre farm to a massive 40-acre farm, Marissa has taken the challenge head on. Her struggles, successes and hard work are all documented through Instagram. She candidly shares her struggles, from crops not producing as expected, anxiety about having too many piglets and even having to take their beloved livestock to the butcher. They are transitioning the new farm to regenerate the forest systems and transitioning livestock to be heritage breeds, naturally designed to help the land and ecosystems. Customers can expect different varieties of animal proteins which will serve your bodies and the earth more from the natural growth processes.

Marissa does an incredible job of managing a biodiverse regenerative farm with organic practices, raising healthy and happy livestock and parenting the adventurous 4-year-old, Farmer Ellie. One of my favorite things about Whippoorwill Farms, even though farming is a tough lifestyle, they still find time to give back to their community. There is a seasonal pay-what-you-can produce stand at the entrance of their farm for people in need, keep in mind these items are available based on season & surplus.

Marissa offers seasonal organic produce, beyond free range pork and chicken. You can find Whippoorwill Farms at the Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market on most Saturdays, Hilton Head Island Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays or visit Vertu Farm’s weekly pop up. You can also visit Whippoorwill Farm in person, give them a heads up and don’t be surprised if you are handed a shovel, the work isn’t going to do itself.

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