When a farm has been handed down for FIVE generations, you know it has to be an impressive operation. White Oak Pastures, located in Bluffton, GA is a 155 year old farm still worked by the very family that worked the land in 1865. Jenni Harris and her sister Jodi Benoit now run the 5,000 massive farm with their husbands and the upcoming SIXTH! generation of future farmers, Jack (3), Hattie (3) and Harris (1).
White Oak Pastures farm has a focus on bettering the land, the animals and their community. They build healthier soil, to grow better plants, be consumed by healthy livestock, which is processed on their farm and eventually feeds passionate & appreciative customers. Through this way of farming, they have produced impressive results, including a recent and very positive, life cycle assessment and believe holistic management can restore grasslands and increase soil productivity. They adhear to a zero waste production model, using cow hides for leather products, rawhide for pet chews and even beef fat & pork lard for a line of animal based beauty products! You can shop all these products through their online store www.whiteoakpastures.com.

Leather and canvas bags, items you can find in the General Store

The family takes pride in being able to work with family and non-family members, doing something meaningful and helping to influence a positive food system in the Bluffton community. The team is hoping to host more events (in 2021) for their customers to be able to show first hand how important small, regenerative, resilient food systems can be. Just a short drive to Bluffton to visit the farm, you will find cabins to rent, a general store and a restaurant. A beautiful way to spend a fall day and support local farmers!

The team with their Carbon Cup which celebrates farmers and ranchers cultivating the healthiest soils.