Anthony Scarpulla and his trusty companion Ghostbuster (chief taste tester) are the co-owners of G.B. Lobster at 518 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. One of the many cool things about this brick and mortar location its made to look and feel like a food truck and they pay tribute to two styles of lobster rolls. Lobster rolls come with regional bias. The Maine style requires mayonnaise-based salad and Connecticut prefers chunks of lobster basted with melted butter. The beauty of this restaurant is that no matter which lobster roll team you play for, both are represented. In fact, this is the perfect scenario to actually settle the great debate. Will the wicked lobstah roll prevail or will it be all about the butter!

According to Anthony, who’s a real stickler on the subject, consistency in taste and texture is important with a delicate food item like lobster. It’s something that can only be ensured when working directly with the source.  That is why G. B. Lobster receives a lobster delivery twice-weekly directly from Maine.

While the star of the show will always be the lobster roll, there are a few other things on the menu that definitely should be shared. For instance, home fries (topped with Parmesan, Asiago, dill, chives, salt & pepper), French-style potato salad (made with Dijon), maple sweetened cole slaw and house-made mac and cheese.

I asked Mr. Scarpulla, “Why lobster?” He said, “Lobster rolls fit nicely within the community. There was room for a specialty shop without overloading customers with the same product. With downtown being such a strong food and beverage community I felt lobster rolls would be accepted.” Not only are they accepted but also appreciated!

While it may be December, you can still arrange for that summer-by-the-sea feeling by stopping by G.B. Lobster and ordering a bun heaping with sweet lobster meat.  Butter or mayo…that’s up to you!