Cuban Window Cafe | 1116 Abercorn St. 

Monday to Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday to Sunday  7:00am to 7:00pm

The newest addition to Savannah’s restaurant scene might have you saying, “¿Qué bola?” Cuban Window Cafe opens on Monday, October 26, and will be a great escape from the burgers, fries and pizza that so often is our go-to for takeout. Cuban Window has a small café splashed with bright pink giving it an authentic vibe but with only 8 stools, it is primarily takeout.  Owners Cynthia Santana and her husband Mike Leiberman, migrated from Miami and couldn’t resist the charms of Savannah. The couple decided to call it home around 6 months ago.

The delights of Cuban food are many and although Cuban Window specializes in quick and affordable, that doesn’t mean the quality suffers. One of the specialties of the restaurant is Mojo Pork which is marinated and cooked for 12 hours! All of the grab and go pastelitos (guava, cheese and picadillo) are handmade in house. The ham croquettes and empanadas are fresh and made from scratch and don’t forget the cilantro cream which goes with everything. Also, be sure to try Cynthia’s favorite menu item, the Croqueta Preparada a cross between a ham croquette and a cuban sandwich. Cuban coffee is also available as well as juice, smoothies and milkshakes.

The restaurant is open daily for three meals we’ve Scouted out the perfect order for each meal:

Breakfast – The Cuban with added cheese and ketchup on the side

Lunch – Croqueta Preparada and Colada (the big Cuban coffee)

Dinner – Coconut Curry Chickpea complete with white rice, fried plantains and steamed vegetables with, of course, a side of cilantro cream

Make sure to stop by and take a culinary journey at Cuban Window Cafe. They will also be adding delivery service shortly and will be happy to cater your next socially distanced event.