Elisa and Matt Higgins own the beloved Origin Mobile Coffee Bar which is a sleek, designer-made, mobile coffee bar. In addition to that they are now opening a brick & mortar coffee shop! The two have entered into a partnership with The Clyde Venue and will be opening on October 19th.  We talked to the Savannah couple about their love of coffee, people and a good party. Be sure to visit the new location at 223 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and grab a S’mores Latte. And don’t forget the Origin Mobile Coffee Bar when planning your next event.

Tell us a little bit about Origin Coffee mobile coffee bar?

Origin Coffee Bar is a gourmet mobile coffee bar home to Savannah, GA. We are dedicated to serving up elevated caffeinated experiences. Throughout our journey together, we have always pursued business hand-in-hand. When we got married, we searched high-and-low for a mobile coffee bar with no avail; this was the initial inspiration for Origin. For the years afterwards, inspiration kept flowing in from our trips across the country as we experienced diverse coffee cultures. We knew this was a venture our hearts wanted to pursue.

With a resume of creative entrepreneurship, there was not much holding them back. They love people, they love coffee and they love a good party.

Tell us more about your new brick-and-mortar location opening today?

Our partnership with The Clyde Venue at 223 Martin King Jr. Blvd has been a dream come true. We will be starting a coffee shop in the venue on October 19th! Our hours will be Monday – Thursday, 9am – 4pm. Starting a coffee shop has always been a long-term dream and we can’t wait to dive in. The venue is 5200 square feet, officially making it the largest coffee shop in Savannah. There is tons of space to for meetings, studying and relaxing with friends. We will be serving espresso based drinks and baked goods, so come grab a cup of joe and say hi!

What kind of vibe will the new Origin Coffee Bar have?

Origin Coffee Bar’s new location will have an upscale coffee house vibe! The Clyde Venue paints a beautiful scenery for a coffee shop and we couldn’t be more in love. This space is indoors, and will soon be home to open mic nights, 24 hour coffee & study marathons for SCAD students, and community centered events throughout the week.

Do you use a specific kind of coffee?

We exclusively use PERC coffee. After living in Savannah for so many years, we know that they are the best of the best!

What is your favorite Origin coffee creation and why?

Our favorite Origin Coffee Bar creation is hands down the S’mores Latte. This drink was born out of curiosity and cravings. The s’mores latte is an espresso based drink with steamed milk and chocolate, topped with freshly toasted marshmallow fluff and a graham cracker crumble. We would highly recommend giving it a try on these crisp autumn days!

What do you love about Savannah?

We have been drawn to Savannah ever since college, where Matt and I met. We both are SCAD alumni that left Savannah and always felt a yearning to come back. We love the weather, the charm of the small city, the beautiful streets, and salty ocean air. When we decided we wanted to pursue the coffee bar, we sat down and asked each other, “if we could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?” We both answered that it was Savannah and knew that this little city was our home.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

It sounds silly, but what makes me feel most accomplished is a great online review. I love knowing our customers are happy and have loved their experience so much that they have to share about it. We try our best to create an atmosphere of kindness and joy because, at the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel loved. We consider everyone that walks through our doors a genuine friend that we can’t wait to see again.

AND it wouldn’t be a Scout interview without this question…

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Elisa and Matt do?

If we only had one night to spend in Savannah, we would grab dinner at The Vault, swing by Origin Coffee Bar for a hot chocolate (or S’mores Latte), then head out to Tybee and lay on the beach to watch the stars. Nothing is more soothing that waves, wind, and stargazing.