We would like to welcome Sun and Moon Yoga Studio located at 5507 Abercorn, Suite 2 to Savannah. Sun and Moon Yoga Studio aspires to bring peace and balance in the lives of others through yoga. They use this idea to uplift their students so they can become their best selves and continue to grow. Yoga is not a competition but a state of oneness. With oneness, we create a community inspired by working together. As per usual, we Scouted out the face behind Sun and Moon Yoga and also got the inside scoop on classes and introductory prices.

Let us know a little about the face behind Sun and Moon Yoga Studio?

My name is Kaye Bardeloza, Doctor of Internal Medicine. When I started the path to become a doctor, I was wide-eyed and astonished by the knowledge and influence a doctor posses. I aspired to change people to live healthy both mind and body. However, during my training, I started to notice that lifestyle changes were not the focus of medicine. I learned about primary prevention (measures to prevent disease) which mentioned to be the best way to treat disease however, the topic took a 3rd of a power point slide. Throughout residency, my supervising doctors mentioned I was the only resident recommending lifestyle changes to my patients. I continued my career as a physician working in the hospital, hoping this would allow more time to talk to my patients. The highlight of my day was discussing health, prevention and problem solving barriers for patient care. However, in a blink of an eye, that changed. I had less time for discussion and was no longer the doctor I wanted to be.

My yoga practice started at the same time I started medical school. I would follow yoga videos which offered me peace during stressful times in my life. My yoga practice was not consistent, but was always there when times were difficult. Stressful days would end by turning on a yoga video, pouring my heart and soul into the asanas, then shavasana would replenish whatever I needed at that moment. I did not take yoga seriously until I graduated residency. My muscles were tense from fitness competitions. With more consistent yoga, I noticed less pain and more mobility. I began to meditate, relieving some stress from my job. Then, I started yoga classes around Savannah which inspired a vision of my own yoga studio. A place where I could heal people with yoga and my knowledge of the body. There is some evidence for yoga helping patients cope with their pain, but not relieving their pain. I wanted to take yoga further with my medical knowledge to hopefully prove that yoga can treat pain. I envision yoga to be an important modality physicians prescribe for pain management. Furthermore, I want to establish a community for those who are open to yoga so they can support and empower each other to conquer each other’s obstacles including pain, emotional difficulties or mental strain.

What classes will be offered?

We will start with general classes, beginner yoga, HIIT yoga, and strength based yoga. We also want to add restorative yoga, trauma yoga, Hatha yoga, intermediate and advanced classes. We also offer personal yoga sessions and small group sessions.

Can you tell us a little about your instructors and how you met?

Kristianne Epperson is one of the instructors at SMYS, they met through a mutual friend. Kristianne says, “We met for lunch, hit it off and the rest they say is history. I’m incredibly inspired by Kaye and her passion for bringing yoga to the people. She wants anyone, of any background, any age, to come to class and receive the Gift of Yoga. The world (especially now) needs the healing of all that a yoga practice can offer, so I’m incredibly excited to play a part in this journey with Kaye in bringing yoga to all of our new yogi friends in Savannah.”

Which classes would you suggest for a beginner, intermediate and advanced student?

I recommend beginners take the beginner classes to understand the poses and correct alignment. Beginners who are familiar with the yoga poses and want to challenge themselves can attend all the other classes as well. In the future we do want to have intermediate and advance pose workshops so that beginner and intermediate students have a chance to grow their own practice. Eventually, if there is a high demand, I would like to offer intermediate and advance classes.

Do you have any introductory offers?

We have an introductory offer of 100 dollars for a monthly membership.

What can someone expect when visiting Sun and Moon Yoga?

We hope that students feel a sense of community. I don’t want students to walk out feeling negative about themselves just because they can’t do certain poses. Students should feel proud and empowered for walking in the door and taking their first step to health.