You have been preparing for this moment…all those hours of watching murder mysteries are now going to pay off. Help Savannah solve The Case of the Dead Paparrazzi! Investigate Downtown has created the perfect way to see Savannah, get exercise and laugh a lot. You never know what you might encounter, stranger’s belly buttons, dead fish and maybe find a few cool Savannah spots you didn’t know existed before.

You will meet up as a group where Deputy Dooley will share the details of the case then send you on your way. You’ll race through Savannah’s beautiful streets while collecting clues, some more obvious than others and interrogating a few people along the way. And not to worry, you’ll be able to pop into a few local establishments to refill your to go cups. The game is a fun combination of a scavenger hunt and murder mystery.

Once you’ve compiled clues and are certain you know the killer, weapon & location of the crime, you head back to Deputy Dooley and solve the mystery. Once your civic duty is complete you can head back to one of the fine local establishments and celebrate with a cold one and tell the tales of the streets, just like a true detective.

Super sleuth tip: wear comfortable shoes and don’t be afraid to ask questions.