Have you ever seen a four-horned Jacob sheep, kunekune pig or zebu? Sounds like characters from Where The Wild Things Are. But you can meet these animals and many more exotic creatures at Wild Georgia Animal Park about an hour from Savannah.

Jake Mosley & his uncle Holt made the not-so obvious decision to take their family’s gas station and expand into an exotic animal park. Just off I-16 at exit 98, you’ll find what looks to be a typical gas station with petting zoo, however it is anything but typical, it is also a 75 acre exotic animal park. 150 animals, 25 different species, from camels, to alpacas, to water buffalo and zebras, you’ll enjoy seeing and even feeding some of these exotic creatures. This is not a typical zoo experience, you can touch and feed most animals and there is plenty of room for the animals to roam, very few animals are in cages.

Jake has an exotic animal license and has even raised a baby kangaroo in his house. He also mentioned a curious camel, with a big personality who lives at the park and is a bit of a local celebrity. He is in the nativity scene at the local church. So don’t be surprised if you’re taking a selfie with a camel who says, “no pictures please.”

This affordable adventure is not only for the kids, adults have a great time too. And with the $2 per person price tag for the petting zoo and $10 per person safari ride, you won’t be breaking the bank. You will enjoy a guided tour in either the park bus (with AC and wheelchair accessible) or van. Customers are encouraged to wear masks, the park has plenty of open spaces and room to social distance. You can also call ahead and reserve a private tour for your family. After your tour you are welcome to have a picnic in the pavilion near the petting zoo. The gas station offers pizza, hot dogs and wings, along with drinks and snacks. In the Fall, the park boasts a 5 acre corn maze and pumpkin patch, so be sure to follow them on facebook so you don’t miss the fun.

If you’re making a day of your trip to Metter, Jake suggests also visiting the peaceful Guido Gardens or downtown Metter’s shops and restaurants. Then if you can find out if the town motto is true and everything really is better in Metter.