Split Fin Brewing started with a homebrewing kit as Jeremy and Dr. Kristen Boucher, Fort Stewart sweethearts, began brewing at home. They have been making their beer at 60 Butler Avenue in Midway Georgia at their operational nano-brewery since 2019. One of our first questions was the name, why Split Fin? Jeremy and Kristen both love the ocean, boating, fishing and especially SCUBA diving. They wanted to incorporate one of their favorite hobbies into the name of the brewery to express their love for the coast.
Not only is the relaxed island vibe in their name but also within the aesthetic of the brewery itself. The walls are a turquoise blue, which happens to have been pulled from a photo of the Caribbean that the owners took on vacation. Jamaican music is typically playing when there is no live music or one of their movie nights. There is outdoor seating in the front and an outdoor beer garden in the back. There is an outdoor axe throwing lane in the back as well that will be open in mid March. Dogs are welcome in either outside area and there is even a water bowl available. Split Fin encourages patrons to order food from one of the nearby restaurants that deliver right to the brewery.
You will find 14 beers on tap currently with two of the taps being rotational. The other 12 are what Split Fin considers flagship beers. There are a wide variety of beer styles including stouts and porters, a blonde, three sours, a Kolsch for lighter beer fans and of course IPAs. The styles stay true to their historic origins. Jeremy, the brew master, constantly tweaks the recipes until they are perfect. The water starts out from the reverse osmosis system and minerals are added to create a water profile specific to a certain beer style or geographic location. The specific yeast selections are a cornerstone to the various flavors at Split Fin Brewing.
If that commitment to perfection is not enough to already have you grabbing your keys, here are a few of the favorites among the SFB customers. The best seller is the lemon Hefeweizen. It has the expected wheaty and banana flavors of a traditional Hefeweizen but with a hint of citrus. The lambic is unique and is made from several different fruits. The stout is a very high gravity beer and has chocolate notes. The porter is brewed with coffee locally sourced from The Brickwall Cafe in Hinesville. The mango habanero IPA has a very slight amount of heat but a ton of flavor. Finally, the blueberry cream ale is a special brew. It is named after one of their regular customers who unfortunately passed away. It is by far one of their most popular.
Split Fin Brewing is firmly rooted in making outstanding beer, as well as, building a thriving community around it. Jeremy can often be found behind the bar sharing his passion and infinite knowledge of the brewing process. Questions are encouraged and recommendations will always be at the ready. Sometimes, you might even catch Jeremy getting out from behind the bar to teach the Jamaican box step or salsa. Split Fin is definitely a family business as you will often be greeted by one-year-old Sebastian the couples son and they encourage you to bring your family and enjoy what they have created.
If you want to make a day trip out of your Split Fin Brewery visit here are a few tips from Jeremy. There is a restaurant on the water about 10-15 minutes from Split Fin called Sunbury Crab Company that you could visit for lunch  or dinner (Sat 12-9:30pm and Sun 12-8pm) or dinner only Wed-Fri. If you would like an educational historic stop on the way then the Fort Morris site is worth a visit. Fort Morris was first used in the French and Indian war then again in the American Revolution to defend Midway River and Sunbury. Another great place to visit is the Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center, just a mile and a half from the brewery. There is also a nice boardwalk and a 15 foot tower where you can birdwatch or just walk to the creek.