The Savannah art community is feeling the effects of the COVID crisis. Not only have shows been canceled, commissions been postponed but festivals where they showcase their creativity will not take place. More than ever artists need our community support. While it may be easy to fill your home with pieces from a big box store, showing your support for local artists gives you a unique conversation piece. Here are a few great Savannah artists to connect with and enjoy their work and story while supporting our community.


Beautiful landscape entitled “Swamp Lilies,” oil and silver on 24″ x 36″ x 2″ canvas.

Keller paints landscapes as a meditation on a world where she finds the peace and quiet so desperately needed, both as a teenager and now. She rode horses for a good many years, where she found solace on the trails – a 2-mile trek through nature, hill and valleys, with her hands gently grabbing at pine boughs and splashing through yellow creek water.
If you are interested in this piece or one of the many other extraordinary works of art, Keller can be reached at for purchase.

Tate Ellington Illustrations

Habersham and Anderson Street Water Color and Ink – several sizes available

Tatum (widely known as Tate) is a Savannah native. She grew up in the low country, married her childhood sweetheart and together they have a hilarious toddler, Wallie. Tate always painted but didn’t launch her illustration company until she stayed home to take care of their son. Prior to illustrating professionally, she worked in Savannah schools as a special needs co-teacher. She developed a love for illustrations and painting with bright colors and a fun perspective. Tate says, “I’m constantly influenced by southern gems, Savannah and Tybee Island’s sites, landmarks and small businesses. When I’m not managing my site and painting, I sell paintings, prints & postcards at Savannah markets.”

You can find more of Tate’s work at Tate Ellington Illustrations

Logan Wilson

Logan’s work is best viewed on Instagram @loganartisanart. She often updates with images of paintings for sale, as well as, prints and jewelry.  She also offers painting lessons and home and garden goodies. Please DM for info.

Logan’s message is to share celebration and pursuit of beauty, nature and matters of the soul through her art. As a person she likes to see the beauty in everything, sometimes even things that may not be beautiful to others. She believes things like that have a nice mysterious beauty. She likes to play between the unbelievable and believable because of that dissonance she sometimes has with views (an issue she believes we all can struggle with, as we are all individuals). Logan sings opera and studied music in her undergrad which definitely affects her visual work. She likes to meld the two and show art at vocal shows and sing at art shows. Logan is thankful for art and all it has helped her through in life.

Marisa Lilje

You may contact Marisa about purchasing or commissions through her Instagram marisaliljeart where she features one piece every day.

Marisa has been making art for all her life, she’s always been in love with the natural world. All of the beauty that nature has to offer is plenty to get her creativity going whether it is flowers or skulls or the figure. She prefers to work from life because it reveals the subtleties in a subject. Marisa beautifully believes, “I find that the pinnacle of natural beauty and wonder can be found in the human form and portraiture. There is endless inspiration in the physical world itself.”