A dog loves a person the way people love in a new relationship: with intense, unwavering focus, attentive to every move the other makes, unaware of imperfections, desiring little more than to be close.  Ultimately, spending quality time with your pup is the best way to pamper them and further build your relationship. That’s why Scout has a few suggestions for you and your furry friend to spend a whole day of quality time together from coffee right through to dessert.

Grab a cup of Joe at Origin Coffee Bar

This adorable coffee shop is located close to downtown and has tons of personality! You can grab an original coffee drink for yourself and a 4 oz. pup cup for your four-legged friend for free. Come for the atmosphere, stay for a second cup and give your doggo a great start to the day.



Get Brunch with your Bestie at J. Christophers

While there are a number of eateries that allow canines to hang out in their outdoor seating areas, there are only a select few that specifically cater to your pup. If you’re going to get a nice, specially-cooked meal just for you, why shouldn’t your pup get the same treatment? Stop by J. Christopher’s and let your dog choose between the Puppy Chow which is skillet style potatoes, bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs or the Bulldog which is everything but the kitchen sink: Skillet potatoes, bacon, sausage, ham, turkey and chicken all tossed with scrambled eggs and hash. All of this for between $4-$5.


Sniff Around Savannah with Oliver Bentleys

After that big breakfast you are definitely going to want to get some exercise and what better way then to join one of Oliver Bentleys tours. Oliver Bentleys Historic Savannah Dog Walking Tour brings together the Hostess City’s three best features: its beautiful scenery, its rich history, and its dog-friendly vibe. Your dog doesn’t want to just lay around while you’re out having fun. They want to experience everything Savannah has to offer, too. The tour is just over 1 mile in length and lasts anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the pace set by the dogs. Hey, they need time to properly sniff around!  As an added bonus, every dog on the tour receives a complimentary bag of their Oliver Bentleys original recipe Ollie B. Biscuits and Bites, because doesn’t your pack deserve a treat after being such good dogs!? As they say at Oliver Bentleys, only the best for those who love us the most.

photo credit: courtesy of Oliver Bentleys, LLC

Finish the day with an ice cream treat at Leopold’s 

Leopold’s invites your to bring your pooch by for a FREE Doggie Sundae when you order your people ice cream! Their Doggie Sundaes feature their spectacular Vegan Vanilla ice cream and an Oliver Bentleys Dog Biscuit…Bow-WOW!