You’ve probably passed by the vacant, run-down building at 39th & East Broad and thought nothing of it. But Brothers Harry & Pratt Mathews envisioned the perfect location for their hip, microbrewery. They are no strangers to the brewing world, they have ownership and run Southbound Brewing Co., a Savannah institution. Their love of brewing beer enticed them to branch out and start a smaller side project where they can have more flexibility for creativity with their recipes. They will have a small brewing system for beers that won’t be heavily distributed to allow for this creativity. But beer will not be their only offering, they will also have a wood-fired oven offering a full menu of light options, making them the only production microbrewery with a kitchen in Savannah.

Hop Atomica beer will feature everything from Caribbean style pale lagers to fruited sours and hazy IPAs. No style is safe from them, they will be bringing out lots of creativity and imagination in creating their unique brews. If you’re in it for the food, they have not set the final menu yet but envision a wide variety from tacos to sandwiches and of course pizza! It will not be full service but more of a food truck setting, minus the truck.

The atmosphere will be a casual lounge with an upscale feel. It’s important to the brothers to make sure everyone feels welcome. They want customers who just came from a workout to feel as comfortable as the group who stopped by for a brew after work. The pricing will also be fair and affordable. Speaking of the atmosphere, the original building is almost unrecognizable from a few months ago. The amount of work and attention to detail has resulted in a beautiful, glamorous, mid-century space. The structure was built in the 50’s with amazing angular windows, stepped roof and exposed beams which made the brothers fall in love at first sight, despite it being in shambles. And because the mid-century era (also known as the Atomic Era) was all about experimentation with new technology and kick started the popularity of science fiction it made sense to Harry & Pratt. They believe, “You have to be somewhat of a science geek to be a beer brewer.” This is also the thinking behind the name, Hop Atomica, which pays homage to the era, the architecture and science of the time.

Hop Atomica will be opening it’s doors in the coming weeks, exact date TBD. They will start with to-go food only to help get the kitchen settled and practiced, this will also allow some extra time to brew some amazing beers. After a few weeks of food only, they will open to the public. They will be following all suggested and required safety guidelines to protect patrons and employees while delivering an amazing food and beverage experience.

Keep reading ScoutSavannah to find out when Hop Atomica will officially open. And you can see first hand the beautiful space, taste the wood-fired fare and unique beers and enjoy a super cool indoor and outdoor space. I know my mouth is already watering!