As a yoga practitioner, instructor and devoted mother of 5, Kiesha has found a peaceful balance within the art. Around 2012 she found herself dealing with some issues that she had not imagined would happen in her life. She took to the mat and noticed that she felt better in all areas, physically, mentally, even spiritually. The connection between yoga and her mental wellness was something she could count on. This led her to seek out her YTT (yoga teacher training) and she can now be found in various parts of Savannah spreading her love of yoga and encouraging everyone to connect with their total self. Make sure you follow on IG @kiesha_evolving or here for her upcoming classes where she offers both virtual and in-person.

What sets Kiesha apart?

I would like to think it is my authenticity and vulnerability that I bring with me to each class. When I first started my yoga journey I did not see teachers that looked like me, nor was I sure whether I would be fully accepted being a bisexual woman of color. Looking ahead almost 10 years, now being a woman in my 40’s and having friends and family of every race, gender (or lack there of), social economic status and age; I just felt like “these are my people” and I want to share with them all this beautiful journey that can be found while connecting to themselves through this sacred practice.  Plus we laugh,

Who could benefit from taking one of your yoga classes and what would they gain?

 Any and every person! My goal is to bring yoga to people who would not regularly attend a studio class. Whether it be due to cost or mat intimidation, it is vitally important to me that people know that yoga can benefit every one. I work diligently to offer modification and am always willing to take feedback on how to be a better support for the community.  Yoga is so much more than what your body is (or isn’t) capable of doing on the mat, it is a way for you to connect to your total self. I try to bring messages of fun, inner peace and love to each class. And I hope that people take that with them more than anything else.

How can people find you and book one of your classes?

All of my weekly classes are taught in Thomas Square, the little park next to the Bull Street library. To contact me directly Instagram is definitely the easiest way to connect with me! (@kiesha_evolving) Or via email at  All classes are linked in my bio, but I also try to make it a point to post weekly schedules and updates.

What do you love about Savannah?

This city is so beautiful to me, from the trees to the architecture. I also really love how supportive the small business community here is; it never ceases to amaze me when I go into one of my favorite shops and people remember me by name.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

After any class when a participant tells me how much better they feel or that the message was what they needed to hear. Outside of the yoga spectrum of sorts, my children were my biggest cheerleaders while pursuing my teaching certificate; to be able to show that it is never to late to decide what you want to be when you “grow up”, it’s pretty amazing.

Please tell us your favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day in Savannah?

Um, honestly, I  will probably get a poke’ bowl from Nom Nom and hopefully have a good book to read and hide in my house!