Late Air Wine Bar, coming to 2805 Bull Street, is the highly anticipated wine bar owned by Colin Breland and Madeline Ott. The target opening date will be in late spring/early summer. Colin & Madeline have spent the last 10 years working in different facets of the food and beverage industry and are designing Late Air to feel like an extension of their own home and how they like to entertain. A small comfy space to have people and friends over to share stories, light bites and lots of wine. It’s an approachable style that will focus on honest food and honest wine, made by real humans and farmers.

As we wait for Late Air Wine to welcome patrons to come hang, there are a few ways to support them now. They have merchandise available on their website. Plus they are having a pop-up at Finches Sandwiches & Sundries on February 23rd, 2022 from 3:00pm-6:00pm. You’ll be able to purchase Late Air curated wines by the bottle or glass, partake in Finches delicious food specials and listen to the spinning vinyl of DJ Doc Ock.


We love hearing about people’s passion projects. How did LA come to fruition?

The idea behind Late Air took many forms before it became the vision that it is now. I would say that the original idea spawned when living in Nashville and Madeline and I were drinking these
lively and natural wines with other lifelong industry folks and we were so inspired by the stories of these winemakers and how fortunate we were to be sharing them with people we loved to
spend time with. It began there and we thought our path would be to open something of a bottle shop, but I believe for us it was more about opening wine for people and the relationship with
those wines continuing as they are consumed is one of our favorite parts of the role we play. From there the idea grew and then plans paused as we took over a GM and Wine Director position at our most recent restaurant in Virginia Beach, which in turn helped us to focus our ideas, wants and desires around a potential business. The name “Late Air” came from an old book of poetry that a friend gifted us, describing the feeling of the longest hours of the day being those before the sun finally sets. Which to us sounded like our favorite time of day for a glass of wine.

What will set LA apart?

The ethos of Late Air is to be a place that can exist for anyone and everyone who is interested in a casual environment that offers elevated food and wine. Our wine program will be exclusively
natural or low intervention wines, made with grapes that are farmed organically or biodynamically and fermented with as minimal intervention as possible in the cellar. We will offer these wines at an approachable price point and you will be able to graze over various seasonal small plates while you drink. Savannah has yet to see a wine bar with a focus so deeply rooted in its sourcing of ingredients and working with the most intentional wine makers we can.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

Something we talk about a lot is “how did we make the guest feel by the time they leave?” You can be timely in your service and provide the best product possible but there can often be a
disconnect between how you perceived their experience to be and what they actually walked away feeling. Our biggest sense of accomplishment is seeing customers come back for a second or third or 20th time and they tell us that they didn’t come back because it was the best meal they ever had or because they keep reading good reviews. They came back because we were good listeners, and intentional with our words and thoughtful with our actions. Listening and understanding go hand in hand in the business of hospitality just as much as they do in everyday life. Gaining further connectedness with our neighbors and friends gives us the motivation to continue on this path.

What do you love about Savannah?

I think what brought us back to Savannah originally was the landscape of the south and the diverse community in this corner of the country. We always wondered what our experience would be like to come back to Savannah after some time away and how it would lend itself to our life as it stands today. We both feel a strong sense of belonging in Savannah and that allows us to feel confident in our ability to grow as people and business owners.

Photo Credit @helterspelter


If you had only one night to spend in Savannah…what would Madeline & Colin do?

Tough question, but thankfully we don’t just have one night!

We would likely start the evening off with a bottle of wine at home, then take some wines to E-Tang for dinner with friends! Opening fun wines and sharing a bunch of different plates of food
is always a good place to start. Then maybe a walk downtown to digest before heading to Lone Wolf Lounge for some further drinks and time with friends. Maybe a simple night but those are
the ones that tend to feel the best.