Please note this article was written prior to the pandemic.  While you may have to wait to visit the store itself or do a  tasting, you may still purchase from their online stores.

Do you ever drive around Savannah and yell out to yourself, “When did that open?” Savannah has so many great establishments that without an introduction, you might miss.  We have a great community and patronizing small business is not only good for the economy but honestly, it is good for the soul.  Owners of small business are ready to engage with their clientele and you will most likely learn a few things and have some great one on one conversations.

I had this experience when I decided to forgo the local Starbucks and see what the streets of downtown Savannah had to offer for warm beverages.

My first stop was Yaupon Tea House where I was greeted by the owner who encouraged me to look around and pointed out the Yaupon tree at the front of the store.  It turns out that Yaupon Holly is a tree native to Southeastern US.  Its leaves were used for thousands of years by Southeastern native tribes as stimulating beverage, medicinal plant & ceremonial drink.  Not only will you find delicious caffeinated teas, but they also have many products to browse while you enjoy your healthy beverage.  I myself had the delicious chai and while I was short on time, made a mental note to stop back by the minimalist, gorgeous store to spend some more time at my leisure.

My second stop was Ashford Tea Co. I am going to be totally honest, it has been there for a year and this is the first time I noticed it. I was on my way to my third stop when I saw the storefront out of the corner of my eye and came to a screeching halt.  Boy am I glad this happened. I was immediately greeted by the owner Wayne and came away from this experience so much better than I started.  Wayne was engaging, knowledgeable and informative.  If you are having a bad day, a stop to Ashford Tea House will not only have you leaving with a great tin of tea but also with a smile on your face.

My final stop was Superbloom in the Starland District. If you haven’t driven down De Soto Avenue in the Starland then you might miss your chance to sip, shop and make.  All these things can be done at Superbloom and what I especially loved is the commitment to healthy superfood beverages and the environment.  I had a Butterfly tea with an actual flower in it.  It was beautiful, delicious and healthy.

At the end of my day, I felt…healthy, hydrated and most of all happy with the meeting of some new friends and every intention of visiting all three spots in the very near future.