Quarantine Essentials…toilet paper, food and of course comfy clothes. If you are anything like me, your lounge wear has been on repeat for 30 days straight and in need of a refresh. Let’s face it, comfy is the new norm. As shelter-in-place bans lift we still need to social distance but we can social distance in comfy style. Check out these great options, all local and all available online.


Imagine all the work you can get done when you are this comfy but still look good enough to not run and hid when the mailman comes. The light pink color is feminine and fabulous.

Custard Boutique

Visit Custard when comfort takes priority but style also needs a hand in the game. These pieces are versatile, quality with great detail.

Lauren Addison Boutique

If leggings are more your laid back style, then check out Lauren Addison Boutique for a few different styles. Available in a range of sizes for every body type.

The Posh Loft

If cheeky t-shirts, animal print and casual jumpsuits are for you then, The Posh Loft has got you covered.