Jacob Evans is a singer-songwriter who is notable both for the quality of his thoughtful, gently compelling vocals and his instrumental work. He has an easy, soulful style with occasional jazzy twists. He is a man to watch…who has big things coming his way. Read below to find some “Local Flavor” on Jacob Evans.

What got you interested in music?

Music was always something that amazed me, but when I started listening to music on my own (ye ole mp3 player) I started making a list of songs I wanted to play with my friends. I’d assign them instruments to play….as if we could play them.

If, by chance, someone isn’t familiar with Jacob Evans, what is the song you would like them to listen to and why?

I would say, “Rhythmic Remedies” because it’s almost my mission statement in a song. Assuming they’re aiming to take in everything to understand me as an artist. The song implies music to be a medicine while acknowledging God as the source.

What are some ways people can experience your music?

I’ve got an album and a couple singles out on the major platforms. If you want to see me live, I have a couple gigs in October. I’ll be at Cohen’s Retreat on the 1st from 6-9, The Desoto on the 10th & 31th from 7-10 and Brody’s on the 16th. I’ll post them on my instagram @jacobsandwich. I also go live on Facebook sometimes, “Jacob Evans.”

The things that makes you feel most accomplished?

Making honest to goodness impacts on people. That’s worth everything.

What’s next for Jacob Evans?

I’m working on an EP album and a deluxe album right now. The EP will be instrumental and will have different soloists, the album will be the next new big body of work and the deluxe album will be a collection of all the previous songs (most of which will be live recorded.) ALSO I’m working on music videos for the old and new stuff.

What do you love about Savannah?

It’s not too slow or fast and people come from everywhere. I come from Blackshear/Waycross, so the change of pace was perfect. Also the food is AMAZING.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Jacob Evans do?

Take my long board downtown before the city wakes up, meet my friends and get a bomb breakfast from “Back in the day bakery,” thrift with the gang, jam, catch the tacos from the JW Marriot for lunch, walk around downtown and make even more friends, eat dinner with the homies at “The Vault” and call it a night at the beach.