You may have driven past 2220 Bull Street and wondered what is Water Witch Tiki? Well…it is a tiki oasis in the Starland District that you don’t want to miss. Water Witch Tiki serves up tiki cocktails with mariner myths and local lore of an ill-fated warship. Water Witch merges island influences with brooding local storytelling with tropical overtures. WWT is owned by husband and wife, Les and Brigitte Harley. Les grew up and has lived in Savannah most of his life. He owns an IT company and is a master-fix-it-all. Brigitte arrived in Savannah ten years ago via New York City. While she has another life in law and finance, WWT is her passion. WWT would not be successful without their amazing team who create stunning cocktails and bites each night. The menu mixes tiki classics alongside modern signature tiki drinks and the kitchen serves aptly-influenced plates of snacks and shareables. Aloha!


What can a person expect when walking into WWT?

I love watching people come in for the first time and seeing their reactions. Stepping through the leafed wall puts you in a completely different place. We all need vacations but normally we can’t take as many as we would like. Walking into WWT takes you to a happy place where people can escape their reality on the other side of the door and at least feel for a short time that all is okay.

What do you love about Savannah?

The views….it never grows old or ceases to amaze me when I see expansive breathtaking views of the marshes and rivers. I grew up going to the lake and occasional visits to the beach. These waters combine the best of both worlds. All the fun of activities possible at the lake plus the amazing ecosystem of an ocean. Even though we may see 20 dolphins in a boat ride, we all still get so excited and are in awe every single time.

What are some of your favorite drinks at WWT any why?

Probably my favorite two drinks on the menu are the Frozen Jungle Bird and the Navy Grog. I tend to not go for sweet drinks and both of these are perfectly balanced. The FJB has so many flavors that are fruity and tropical but then it has a nice tang from the Campari. The Navy Grog is such a classic drink with two types of rum and grapefruit juice. It is way too easy to drink!

The things that makes you feel most accomplished?

Getting compliments from people about my children. Raising children is definitely the hardest thing I do.

What are some specific appetizer and cocktail pairings that people should not miss out on?

I am a seafood nut. The shrimp and tuna are so tasty and they are so beautifully prepared. With a Blue Hawaii (vodka, rum, blue curacao, pineapple) alongside, you might think you have been transported to a tropical escape and left your cares behind. I also think a Zombie and one of the meat dishes (Miso Chicken Meatballs, Banh Mi Sausage or Kalua Pork) is a perfect combo. Zombies are by nature strong and the heavier food helps offset the effects! If I am in the mood for something light, the Fiery Green Tahini Dip and a glass of sparkling wine is ideal.

Do you have happy hours or weekly specials?

We do special days throughout the year, such as “Shark Saturday” or “Mai Tai Tuesday,” both of which we did this summer. We just started a happy hour on Mondays-Wednesdays from 5-7. We offer a specialty drink of the week and $2 off food/$3 Tonas (type of beer)/$4 Pineapple Cider/$7 Dolce Vida Margaritas and Palomas. These items may rotate from time to time. We are working on future fun evenings that we will let people know about via social media.

Do you have a favorite WWT story?

We have the famed Tiki Rancher craft twin 10 feet tall Moai statues. They arrived on the back of a U-Haul late one night a week before we opened. We had a handful of people carrying these giants down Bull Street. Once they were erected into their new home, it was as if the whole place came together in that instance.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

One night to spend in Savannah, I would go out on the boat for a sunset cocktail cruise and soak in the beauty of this town. Then pop in for a quick bite at the Black Rabbit and maybe one more cocktail at WWT before heading to bed. I am sleep deprived these days!